Sony PS Vita (NGP) Australian Price Revealed?


"And no, it isn’t cheaper because of our strong dollar.

With the unveiling of the not so secret name of Sony’s upcoming handheld console today at E3 as the Sony PS Vita (no longer the NGP or PSP2), Americans, Europeans, and Japanese got to find out the price. But not Australians. Yet.

It has just been revealed by EB Games what the estimated RRP for the PS Vita here is."

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gaminoz2743d ago

Wow...import anyone? That isn't fair considering the Aussie $ is better right now...

Tachyon_Nova2743d ago

PS3 is still $500 retail price over here, so $338 actually surprised me by being so low.

BadCircuit2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

And he says that price could go UP??? I really really hope the games aren't region locked.

Mind you I mostly feel that way because the US price was so good.

gaminoz2743d ago

Well I do have to admit the price is WAY better than the 3DS RRP!

timzone2743d ago

Region free would be great for the consumer especially given how the vita is something you would take with you as you travelled internationally. If it wants to sell 100 million plus then I think region free is a must.

gaminoz2743d ago

It would also one-up the 3DS, which is region locked.

VampiricDragon2743d ago

the ps2 was region locked.

How was that?

XboxOZ3602743d ago

They could also not allow imports restricting hardware from overseas which many do these days to ensure local markets are not affected.

It's outrageous for sure to have a price like that, but, it is Sony after all, Bot Nintendo and Sony do have a rather high regard for their products, and tend to charge for that.

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The story is too old to be commented.