MYX TV: Sony PSVita @ E3

I’m in Los Angeles this weekend for an event called E3, also called Electronic Entertainment Expo. Many things have caught my eye so far like the announcement of Halo 4, Fable: The Journey, Halo: Remastered Version, Battlefield 3, and Overstrike. The main thing that attracted my attention though was the PSVita. It was formerly known as the NGP, next generation portable, but got its new name today at the Sony Press Conference at E3. Vita means “Life” and that is exactly what I feel like it will bring back to the Sony Playstation brand. The Playstation Network has gotten a lot of negative press recently due to “anonymous” people hacking their network and stealing all of the PSN users information. The network has recently been restored from being down the last month or two. The PSVita is great news in the midst of all that chaos.

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