E3 2011: Introducing PlayStation Vita, Starting at $249

PSBlog: "Just moments ago during our 2011 E3 press conference we proudly unveiled an incredible 2011 software lineup and amazing new PS3 peripherals, and also shed new light on our highly anticipated handheld gaming device, officially named PlayStation Vita (PS Vita). “Vita,” which means “Life” in Latin, was chosen as the name for our next-generation portable entertainment system because it enables a revolutionary combination of rich gaming and social connectivity within a real world context."

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-Mezzo-2749d ago

Sony has hit the Sweet Spot with the Price, will probably Pre-Order 2, a 3G model for myself and a Wi-Fi model for my siblings. :D

I hope they reveal the PS-VITA Game prices soon.

NeoBasch2749d ago

Nintendo's in trouble. If the rumor about Modern Warfare 3 on the Vita is true... let's not get into that. I'm already sold. Uncharted: Golden Abyss was really ******* good. $250 is quite the deal. All that's left is for Sony to announce the release date.

WhittO2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

This price has surprised everyone, in the right way! haha

I was expecting Kaz to say something about not having that price made fun of like PS3's ..."$599,$599,$599" haha

RankFTW2749d ago

I hope this price converts well into GBP, like it better not be any more than £230 - £250 for the 3G model.

morganfell2749d ago


Philip Early of Activision stated on stage earlier this year that a CoD title is in development for the NGP.

sikbeta2749d ago

So true, it was a nice surprise to see that price-tag, they got my money already...

DatNJDom812749d ago

It has cross chat for those that are crying for it. Sony put themselves in a very good spot. If Vita has it, its coming to PS3. Imagine talking to someone while they are on the Vita. and ur on PS3.

-Alpha2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )


I think the DS will be fine, but Sony is hot on their heels. The price is just very competitive, but I'm sure Nintendo will drop/remodel when the Vita releases.

All Nintendo has are the exclusives, and quite honestly, I am sold on the DS for that reason alone.

I'm anticipating more Vita games, but I'm not interested in the launch titles. 3DS has a weaker launch, but they also have no competition right now.

Vita seems to have a great launch lineup, but personally, I'm waiting for original titles I can't already play on my PS3

NeoBasch2749d ago

I don't know, the PSV really made the 3DS seem insignificant. At 250, you get graphics that easily outmatch the 3DS (which hasn't even reached the reported GameCube quality graphics and has a worse resolution than the PSP), games like Uncharted and LittleBigPlanet at launch as well as probably the best implementation of ModNation Racers, an infinitely better network, integration with the PS3 for continuous play and networking, and cross-game chat. I'd be interested to see if CinemaNow is also available to the PSV. I really don't think it's even fair to compare at this point.

Nintendo's promised games are turning into vaporware and the games that are to come are hardly that interesting. MGS3: 3D looks worse than the HD collection. Combine that with the delayed Kid Icarus and Devil Survivor (which is a port... of a very awesome game, but a port nonetheless, with an extra scenario; the voice acting is a plus) and the first year for the 3DS looks abysmal. Unless Nintendo announces a bunch of titles to come for the rest of the year, I think Sony has this holiday in the bag.

I love Sony and Nintendo, but each have their off years. This might be one of Nintendo's first in a long time. Hopefully, it will be their last. : \ By the way, I doubt Nintendo will drop price this early into the life cycle. Sony has to worry about the PS3 now. There was hardly any exciting announcements for the system save Sly 4.

-Alpha2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )


As the DS has already proven, it's not about raw power. It's about the exclusives and the appeal, and Nintendo has a huge demographic locked down on the appeal of their product. Not sure which games you are calling vaporware, but they do have a large list of exclusives.

I personally am much more interested in the DS for its exclusives than I am with the PSV. The power is impressive, but I look for a simpler alternative to my PS3 when deciding handhelds.

So far though, the 3DS has been quiet, but once both products get into the swing of things I think that they are both going to target two very distinct audiences. I dont think that the PSV will outsell the 3DS for the same reason the PSP didn't outsell the DS, and that's Nintendo's grasp on the handheld market itself

NeoBasch2749d ago

I don't think it's that cut and dry anymore. Japan is becoming the turning point. The 70 million PSP sales has to do with the recent spike for the system in Japan I'm sure. Nintendo barely manages to outsell Sony's trojan horse with 3 existing DS models as well as new hardware in the 3DS, which Japan usually obsesses over.

With One Piece, the 3DS saw a 4,000 unit spike, but that's it. I have a feeling that's not just because of software, because Nintendo has released plenty of exclusives over there already (US hasn't seen near as many). Sony will capture the hardcore audience with the close integration with current-gen systems (the graphics gap has been closed, and it has strong third-party support with existing IPs).

I think the PSV has plenty of identity. The touch screen controls are innovative. No longer does touch rely on maps or dual screens, but you can interact with the game world as if it were an iPhone. It's easier to use and has a touch screen on back if you don't want to interfere with the action. Not to mention it seems the motions are gesture based, which works extremely well with handhelds. No reason to be accurate. The Six-Axis is more suited to PSV than DualShock. The games encourage interaction in ways consoles never could.

There's no doubt the DS has numerous exclusives, but the PSV will inherit much of their PSP brethren. Games like Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Monster Hunter 3rd, Final Fantasy 012: Duodecim, Persona 3: Portable, Persona 2: Innocent Sin are carving a new image for the PSP that users are seemingly embracing. Sad it took 'til now for that to happen, but that means much of these works will carry over to the PSV. The JRPG renaissance is strong with Sony's handhelds.

With the 3DS, Nintendo will of course have great first party support, but I don't like most of their mascots. Only appreciated 3 Mario titles (Super Mario World, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy). I like Donkey Kong, but that's about it. Something about Zelda annoys me. Maybe it's because the mythic nature of each story is so on the nose it's ridiculous. I guess there's always Metroid. Always loved Metroid, but I usually look toward more creative works like Ghost Trick, Ni no Kuni, and Professor Layton. While the Layton game for the 3DS looks insanely good, I don't see many games like it. The only one I had my eye on was a recent reveal of Tri-Ace's Beyond the Labyrinth, which probably won't come out this year.

As for the vaporware I was referring to: Shin Megami Tensei Persona, Kingdom Hearts, Etrian Odyssey, Blood Rayne, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Bomberman, Contra, Super Robot Taisen, and a whole host of others. That's not even including the list of promised third-party support that seemingly disappeared over night. Wish I still had that giant list they posted at last year's E3.

Don't get me wrong, I know Nintendo is the king of handhelds and has a nice grip on the market. I just think they're losing it and we might see a shake up by the end of this year.

NewMonday2749d ago

We are in 2011, since the DS launched the Iphone has become the thing everyone wants despite its price, it has practically monopolized "cool", the masses have no loyalty and flock to the most popular thing.

Almost everyone" thought" the 3DS was going to be the next big thing, from the media the fans and even the haters, but the market simply didn’t agree. I think Nintendo got overconfident with their success like Sony did with the PS3.

In the other hand it seems Sony learned from their experience with the PS3 and PSPGo, they didn’t get the hype get to them so far, one lesson is making the PSV developer friendly, another is the price, most were expecting 350$+ for Wi-Fi and a lot were saying they would pay more, but they surprised use with a 250$ price. Let's not forget the PSV will launch in Japan at Time of PSP domination, so over their they will have momentum; I expect a lot of PSV games at TGS.

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Warprincess1162749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

lol yep. The Vita is like a home console on the go. The interface to the online network. It just blows away the 3ds in every category. Sony definitely gone to win the handheld war.

2749d ago
wingman32x2749d ago

Seems that way, doesn't it. Sony surprised the hell out of everybody. Great job.

I wouldn't underestimate the power of the word Nintendo, though.

miyamoto2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

The home console experience on the go dream of Sony has truly & finally been realized with the PSV.

$249.99 just hit the sweet spot right there! So much power in a very affordable price.

This is probably the most affordable Sony gaming device ever to launch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sony PSV with eat America this holiday season.

And finally cross game chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M-Easy2749d ago

$499 for that sweet 3D monitor, with R3, HDMI cable, pair of 3D glasses & $249 for this. Not to mention the games. I am going to be soooo broke... but entertained.

sikbeta2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Sweetest deal ever, now there are no excuses to not experience 3D Gaming on the PS3...

news4geeks2749d ago

Unless you are a cheap bastard like myself who won't be buying either the TV bundle or Vita. Amazing prices still.

nycredude2749d ago


You aint cheap you are just broke.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

And with great games!

I was expecting $349.

Party Service or Cross Game Voice Chat for PSV.

StbI9902749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Im that anyone that says anything wrong about psvita will receive all the disagrees possible from all my accounts lol.

Man, i really really dont want a 3ds anymore looool.

Below, he says for xmas, so before 2012 is more than an official date.

PSV1TA2749d ago

this is kinda off topic but am i the only one mad that the PSvita has a party system while ps3 STILL dont?

vickers5002749d ago

No, I kind of am too. I was hoping they would throw a "and it's coming to psn too" line into that sentence, but it never came :(

Ah well, it's not the end of the world.

blumatt2749d ago

Maybe that's a sign that the PS3 will get an update soon to add that feature. Although, you've got to take into account that they're implementing that feature from the get-go on the Vita. It's probably much more difficult to add to the PS3 this far into its lifecycle. But expect it to be in the PS4 for sure now. :)

Can't wait for my 3G/Wifi PS Vita!!! Awesome price, Sony. It's good to see they learned from the PS3 regarding pricing things too high. This means that the PS4 will likely only cost around $400 at launch, which would be reasonable. Can't wait for more PlayStation goodness this year and next.

TBM2749d ago Show
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GunofthePatriots2749d ago

+Solid Price
+Lots of games
+Dual analog sticks and touch screens

-ATT partner Ship
-No official Release date

Cant wait to get my hands on this

M-Easy2749d ago

I am an AT&T customer and I can confirm they suck.

Shadow Flare2749d ago

Yeah there was a bit of a reaction when that was announced. Why was that? Does AT&T really suck? I don't know what's it's like, I'm from the UK

dragon822749d ago

They don't suck where I live.

M-Easy2749d ago

Maybe its where you live but here in Southern California the coverage is awful. Dropped calls all the time. The 3G fast and works well enough but my phone is damn near useless. People get mad all I do is text, that's AT&T's fault.

Christopher2749d ago

I'm also an AT&T customer, and I've actually had no issues with them...

I think it's based on where you live. I'm in the DC Metro area and I've rarely had issues and my 3G connection has been great. I know New York is one of the worst places to have AT&T.

AT&T is supposed to be updating their 3G (*cough*4G*cough*) system over the next few months, hopefully that addresses issues with connectivity in those areas that need it.

Phantasm2749d ago

I agree. Also, when AT&T was announced during Sony's show, you could here a few laughs and moans from the audience.

Araceae2749d ago

AT&T is actually the only good carrier where I live. I think it sucks on the west coast, where most of the gaming press is from (which is why you got that reaction). So for me, if it was on another carrier I would be more upset

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DeadIIIRed2749d ago

I have AT&T and as soon as he mentioned something about an exclusive carrier I was hoping it was them. I wish they would have made it available to everyone else though.

blumatt2749d ago

I HIGHLY doubt the 3G will be free. lol That's a pipedream. haha Now THAT would be incredible.

I'm sure they'll price the 3G similar to how you buy 3G a month at a time for your iPad. I can't see them making contracts for it. It'll most likely be month to month, or maybe a year's worth at a time.

M-Easy2749d ago

Lol nothing is free. Except PSN of course :) 3G doesn't cost extra but you have to pay for a data plan to access it.

starcb262749d ago

Isn't 3G on the kindle free?

gaden_malak2749d ago

Curious to see what the price will be in Aussie dollars. Knowing how we get screwed, probably $400

creamsoda2749d ago

YEE BOI! oh wait it's $400 in my country. OH DAMM!

Ninver2749d ago

that's were importing comes in my friend.

lugia 40002749d ago

249.99 US
249.99 Euro

Ummm... why?

BryanBegins2749d ago

Don't forget that the $249 is without taxes. Here in Canada, it's 12%. In the States, it depends on the state. But the fact is that prices in NA are excluding taxes, while in Europe it's included. So yes, Europe probably gets screwed, but not as much as you think lol