Niko Zoom Reduces Space Required For Kinect By 40%

Olivier of UltimateGameGorilla writes: One thing that stopped a large amount of people from purchasing a Kinect sensor was the required amount of space. People either did not have a big enough room or they just did not want to move furniture every time they wanted to play. Nyko, conscious of the problem has created the Zoom.


The name of the company who manufactures the Zoom is called Nyko. I accidentally wrote Niko. Sorry!

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Shazz2876d ago

can anyone tell me do you still need a lot of room if you are just using kinect for controlling things like the sky player ?

NoobJobz2876d ago

No. Space is really only needed for games that require to move around. Controlling things like sky player shouldnt be a problem with a small space.

DeFFeR2876d ago

Is anyone else annoyed that they misspelled "NYKO" in the article title...

How does this get approved...


OT: It's cool - but only if it doesn't affect the way that Kinect is supposed to work.

DeFFeR2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

OK - they noticed it.

Annoyance retracted.

BryanBegins2876d ago

I'm gonna wait for a review, but if it works, it's a sure purchase from me. My living room is ok for one player, but for two, I need to move my cough (I live in Vancouver where real estate is crazy expansive).

asphogears2876d ago

I am going to wait for a review also but if it works then I might end up buying a Kinect.

Bigpappy2876d ago

I have a 25in monitor that I use for the PC and 360/Kinect. I have the Kinict mounted on the monitor. I can sit at the desk (about 2 ft form Kinect)and controll Kinect dash and apps. Hope that helps.

asphogears2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Only 2 feet away and it still works! Wow!

asphogears2876d ago

The space requirement was one of the things keeping me from buying Kinect. I might buy one when the price drops.

PR0X12876d ago

Just get a kinect tv mount and you will be ok. I had trouble without the tv mount to play all the games. With the kinect now on my tv I have way more space.

DuneBuggy2876d ago

I have good space in the living room for it,but the coffee table needs to be moved for two player games. This little thing will likely work for me. MS should have thrown somthing like this in the box from the start IMO.

Qwert1172876d ago

I find it strange that it is not Microsoft releasing this. I think it will attract more customers.

SNEEKZ0NER2876d ago

Not bad. Looks like night vision goggles lol.

Qwert1172876d ago

It's Call of Kinect: 40% Recuced Warfare...

ShabbaRanks2876d ago


made my day

optimus2876d ago

it's a good idea but i find 30 bucks to be a bit much for it.

asphogears2876d ago

If it really reduces the space required by 40% then I think it is a fair deal.

optimus2876d ago

...i guess but i'm factoring in the $150 for the kinect, plus the 30 bucks...they should include like a coupon for a discount on the kinect or a free arcade game or something.

UltimateGameGorilla2876d ago

I think that it is a fair deal as long as it works properly.

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