Official PS Blog: watch PlayStation's E3 conference LIVE here

You asked for it, and here it is: We’ve replaced the traditional PlayStation Blog E3 Live Blog with a full-on livestream. No more reading; you get to see everything live as it happens. The show gets underway at 4:45pm.


Link updated to working feed.

movements4386d ago

I love that image. Classy like PlayStation.

Surfaced4386d ago

Sorry I replaced it but here it is for reference:

Yeah I love that diamond logo too! They've had it for 15 years and it still looks great.

sikbeta4386d ago

Man, I'm so ready for this, Sony better deliver the best, because this E3 is pretty meh...

ImHereNow4386d ago Show
hakis864386d ago for high definition stream - works great =)

Tank_Commander_E64385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

OMG UC3 looks freaking epic!!! :D

Resistance 3 up next. :O

Only on PS3 baby!

Skip_Bayless4385d ago

G4 TV froze right on the NBA 2k12 presentation. God dammit that is my favorite game.

Theonetheonly4385d ago

its official its called psvita

DragonKnight4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

NGP IS $250 FOR WIFI, $300 FOR 3G!!

FACTUAL evidence4385d ago

almao what jack said about kaz. "I would whipe out the ridge racer lie but i like my job too much". Lmao! Dust looks awesome btw. Anyone kind of thought that uc NGP touch option is pretty damn cheap? It takes little to no skill playing with the touchpad lol.

Commander_TK4385d ago

Disspointed. Started well, but then... Ugh... Too much talk. Where were the games? Agent? Rachet & Clank? Getaway? 8 days? More multiplatform games? The Last Guardian? Twisted Metal?

Johnny Jiron4385d ago

SOme of those presentations went on too long. But Im just happy with the price of the PSVita. Aside from that, like MS's, just big pushes on peripheral inclusion and such. Not a whole lot form either, just solid grasp of what they currently have on offer. Sony I say takes the upper hand with the Vita tho.

NoBias4385d ago

Geeeeezzz... I'm not one to ass kiss a certain company but Sony's conference murdered and won today. I can't even remember Microsofts after watching that haha.

Can't wait for Nintendo's info tomorrow!

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Pintheshadows4386d ago

The one of Tretton doing jazz hands. I like it as well. :P

BiggCMan4386d ago

Hahaha! Bubbles! Yea I love the diamond logo, its so recognizable to me, and so great looking. 40 minutes to go before the conference everyone! Happy E3!

PHOSADRA4385d ago

Sony went STRAIGHT into the games... First Uncharted then Resistance... oh yeah >:0

PHOSADRA4385d ago

@ Bush...Yeah thats true XD

But they seem to be moving pretty fast this year compared to other years(shorter trailers and shorter gameplay)...there must be a lot to show O.O

HardCover4385d ago

Well duh it's Move titles.

They need to work on Move to make it better. You don't need to be convinced that a controller is supported and works. It's... well... typical, expected, predictable, it's the past.

Start getting used to it. Move isn't going to just disappear.

BushLitter4385d ago

Dust 514 is looking sweet.
Holy crap Uncharted looks sweet on PSV.

Ju4385d ago

Move is to disappear? R3-Move Bundle? Bioshock Infinite with Move? LBP2 upgrade with Move only levels? inFamous2 addition for Move?

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zeal0us4385d ago

OMG they name the NGP to PSVita WTF Sony! and now they are partnering with AT&T, double whammy
-bad name
-bad service provider(to me I had bad experience with att)

Johnny Jiron4385d ago

Im going WiFi model and just using a rooted android as a mobile hot spot personally. At&t is a major Blah too me.

oricon4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

Im pretty disappointed with the conference since there were not really any new games, no Last Guardian, hopefully they show something at TGS. I noticed that 90% of the core games they showed had some kind of shooting involved lol. I dont like the idea of having Cole in the SF x Tekken game it defeats the whole purpose of the crossover and no i don't own a Xbox, wish they had more stuff for people not into shooting games. The conference was better than Microsofts but i was expecting more from Sony such as unannounced tiles and stuff from their eastern studios Im probably gonna get a lot of hate for this lol.

HardCover4385d ago

Who the hell cares so much about the Vita part?

You're going to call it a PSV, what's the big deal about that?

The logo? Sheesh get over it. Buy it for the games, not the style.

Delicious Malicious4385d ago

well this conference sucked as bad as microsofts

HardCover4385d ago

You obviously didn't watch either to be that misinformed. Before Sony even had a guy on stage they showed more games than MS's entire event.


showtimefolks4385d ago

i will say this that i expected a little longer conference. I feel like sony rushed a lot of their news and not give us enough news about their upcoming games in 2012-2013

that nba 2k12 and bioshock news took a lot of time when they could have announced other games

syphon filter
getaway 3
eight says
last guardian
jak in hd
ratchet from ps2 in hd

i mean where were some surprises?

but still much much better than MS

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Warprincess1164386d ago

I rather watch on G4 like i do every year.

Surfaced4386d ago

Wouldn't you prefer watching it directly from Sony?

lil Titan4386d ago (Edited 4386d ago )

why? and here kevin dump on PS3/Sony any chance he gets...i dont think so

P_Bomb4386d ago (Edited 4386d ago )

They've just spent the last 15 minutes doggin' it.

From Kinect selling 10 mil' to Move's 8 mil', from the PSP 'falling' and selling less than the DS (why don't they ever dog the 360 then for selling less than the PSP?) to all the $$$ lost on the Japanese Tsunami and of course the hack, the hack, the hack. Some lady with bags under her eyes complaining that she hasn't been able to reset her PSN password on the web for a month and how the hacking isn't over.

No one ever condemning the hackers btw.

Now (I'm watching it) yet another quip about 7 years of the PSP lagging behind the sales & popularity of the DS. Jeebus G4! Dead horse much? Why am I hearing about Nintendo & MS in every frikkin Sony segment you do?

Dude, I've been watching their feed on G4TV and GT on SpikeTV all day. Trust me.

lil Titan4386d ago (Edited 4386d ago )

sorry ment to agree and do you hear this little girl take jabs at PS3 any chance she gets to talk? i mean she mentions the iPad of all things that maybe more expensive than the NGP and the size of ipad isnt small i mean come on. if i can give any credit to g4 they point out the obvious

they just love hating on the PS3 its almost like a game to them

"okay talk as much ish about the PS3/Sony in the time you have to talk"

Someone needs to shut them up i mean the girls id still "giddy giddy" both but they need to shut up

Legion4385d ago


"From Kinect selling 10 mil' to Move's 8 mil', from the PSP 'falling' and selling less than the DS (why don't they ever dog the 360 then for selling less than the PSP?)"

Maybe because the Kinect and Move are in direct competition as is the DS and PSP. Why would 360 console sales be compared to a handheld device?

morganfell4386d ago (Edited 4386d ago )

"I rather watch on G4 like i do every year."

Don't let the door hit you on the way out. If you would rather support hosts like Kevin Pereira with your hits go ahead.

lil Titan4385d ago

judging from the G4TV E3 last year the Sony streaming was WAY better even got some interviews with some people afterwards

Silly gameAr4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

I don't even consider G4 as a legitimate news source for anything gaming related unless it involves xbox.

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P_Bomb4386d ago

Yes. They have an E3 space like last year.

Slade234386d ago (Edited 4386d ago )

their opening up another E3 space also, not the theater one

trounbyfire4386d ago (Edited 4386d ago )

i can't get into home the serves must be overloaded

lol @ a disagree because im getting a server message when i load home,

ViRaL-4386d ago

that's what i did and it worked after 8 tries.

Ser4386d ago

Woot, I'll be watching there. GameSpot's stream is beyond laggy and drops audio quite often.

Eazy-Eman4386d ago

Impossible to break these walls!

Rattlehead204386d ago

For you see the steel is much too strong!

Ser4385d ago

Computer banks to rule the world!

Ju4385d ago

Runs on the PS3 on the telli. Gamespot doesn't.