Halo: CE Anniversary Edition Does not Have Versus Multiplayer

GPT: "Apparently Microsoft forgot to mention that the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition does not have it's own multiplayer. Much like with Halo 3: ODST it's suspected there will be a second disc included that provides the Halo: Reach multiplayer, along with these new 'classic' maps. Also noteworthy is the price has been confirmed at $39.99."

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DaThreats2718d ago Show
Kamikaze1352718d ago

I don't think they forgot on purpose, lol. But wait..didn't they mention there being 7 multiplayer maps? Is that local multiplayer then?

vgn242718d ago

Doubt it, seems like those 7 maps are only for Halo Reach.

Kamikaze1352718d ago

Oh ok. At least you can co-op online so that's a plus.

VG_Releaser2718d ago

The maps they showed in the video were clearly from Halo CE. Trust me, I played them enough. Hang 'em High was one of the maps.

lastdual2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

They're CE maps remade for Reach's multiplayer. You'll probably get a separate multiplayer disk like they did with ODST.

Raichu502718d ago

The multiplayer was a lie? come on microsoft it was your only good announcement

Kamikaze1352718d ago

It wasn't a lie. There is online co-op, just not competitive multiplayer. The article title is misleading.

theonlylolking2718d ago

The article title says versus multiplayer so it is not misleading.

dktxx22718d ago

They don't want to split the halo community up based on what Halo game they're playing. Since the remake is not a new version, they don't want to force every one who likes playing Reach online to have to buy the remake because no ones playing Reach anymore.

Its actually a very honest move by Microsoft.

admiralthrawn872718d ago

thats stupid. if one game is more popular so be it. why should we not get the awesome halo 1 experience remade so that reach fanboys wont cry

awi59512717d ago

I know why they did it because one is better and i would jump ship in a sec. BS microsoft just admit multiplayer in ce was better.

Raven_Nomad2718d ago

It's set up like ODST. 2 disks, one for the CE Campaign and one for multiplayer. Cant wait! Budget title at that!

Hopefully this catches on and we get some more remakes from Xbox.

Conker anyone?

Quagland2718d ago

Eh, don't care. I just want it.

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The story is too old to be commented.