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e-p-ayeaH2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Crappy quality screenshots

Dark_Overlord2695d ago

True, but the live stream was majorly impressive :)

limewax2695d ago

My most awaited of 2012 now so far easily, even my GF told me pretty bluntly 'you have to get this game' while watching it, She hates FPS games so....yeah, I would say that was a hell of a demo

Dark_Overlord2695d ago

I just hope and pray its not a glitchfest like FC2

limewax2695d ago

And most importantly. SDK now please

Catatafish2695d ago

I hope that you don't have to drive like the whole game. FC2 was 90% driving and it sucked hard.

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The_Ultimate_Guy2695d ago

YAWN.... I have never liked FARCRY.

HK62695d ago

Agreed. If this is anything like FarCry 2 then it will be a far cry from a AAA game.

JsonHenry2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Are these 3DS screens or something?

Grannyvukka2695d ago

Never should have moved the game from awesome tropical setting with sand & water that made you wanna take a trip to local surf. 1st game was pretty darn fun, messing around with map editor, placing jet ski's & riding them like a maniac throughout your freshly constructed island paradise......then Ubisoft took over development & set the game in Brownsville, New Boring Town, Africa & totally screwed the series up, with the aforementioned color palette (or lack off), as well as making one of the most boring back tracking, waste of time traversing for 90% of the game ariving constantly at samely, boring as batsh1t firefights.

Hope Far Cry 3 actually entails some of the nicer parts of Africa, as it not just all dry, barren, ugly landscape, there is awesome surf beaches that sport lush, green, tropical, land & crystal clear light blue watered, golden sand beaches that would perfectly fit the mould of the Far Cry of old. From there, the developers just need to add in a good story, coupled with compelling & fun gameplay, which were aspects that both Far Cry & Far Cry 2 lacked (2 moreso than 1). Both games were really lacklustre in fun & really did little to inspire you to care for your main character.

The map maker in pt 1 (especially, really was fun, & was a huge reason why people played the game for so long, as the online mp allowed you to share your maps & have access to other users maps, which was & still is a great value for money & fun addition to ALL online games that implement it properly. Modnation Racers is another such game that does the whole map maker thing awesomely well.

So for me Far Cry 3 needs to return to those tropical vista settings that made it popular in the 1st place, it HAS TO drop all that travel time that Far Cry 2 pained us with, have tighter controls & have a 60fps frame rate if possible, and lastly, just give the game a fun compelling story that makes you wanna keep playing...does'nt matter if it's basic (Timesplitters 1-3 had one of the most d grade stories ever that involved very little in the way of story, but still offered oodles of fun).

So get it happening Ubisoft.