Blu-ray: Beyond the Hype.

There are two formats battling it out for the top High Definition format, Bluray and HD DVD.

The question is who will win?

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drewdrakes5869d ago

This really gives the impression that blu-ray is bombing, even more then I thought. I cant believe they dont have a dual-layer disc working yet, so much for resistance being 23GB. They are going to have to tone it down, or theyll hit the edge of the disc (I read an article earlier that said that blu-ray players cannot read the information close to the edge of the disc).

Captain Tuttle5869d ago

It's actually pretty alarming

calderra5868d ago

Not only are they having technical problems (see recont story on hardware manufacturing problems/shortages, Australian BD drives proving current personal computers aren't compatible with BD yet, etc)...

But look at the reviews of movies themselves. A few sites have put BluRay and HD-DVD side-byside when the same titles have released on both platforms. And HD-DVD has better or same picture, MUCH better sound (through licensing issues I think), and Sony's use of MPEG-2 and dual-layer problems means the BluRay discs can't actually hold any extra material. Or at least they don't.

So you can pay half as much for an HD-DVD player, and get superior or exactly similar playback in every possible aspect. Why wouldn't you?

ironwolf5869d ago (Edited 5869d ago )

giving the world another example of what happens when you try to re-invent the wheel. HD-DVDs can be manufactured on the same equipment that makes standard DVDs using media almost identical to DVD media and can, in fact, have an HD-DVD on one side and a standard DVD on the other. When combined with being encoded at the lauded 1080p bit rate, and being cheaper for both hardware and media, there is precisly zero reason for anyone to be lusting after Blu-Ray.

I mean really, if after ten years of development, you can't make it work in the lab, what, in the name of all that's Holy, are you doing trying to foist it on an unsuspecting public? I smell massive class action lawsuit potential.

Marty83705869d ago

Bluray is ahead of HD-DVD.Bluray has burners that are at faster speeds,Bluray media both read only & writable,Bluray has more movie studio support 7 out of the 8 major studio's.And the porn Industry is backing Bluray.HD-DVD is way behind.

RuffRyder5869d ago

Typical example of a sony gimp! The truth is right there infront of you but you still insist on lieing.

blackmagic5869d ago

Despite all the things you list. Why? Because it is better at movies, you know, it's core function, what it was designed for. Try going to all the Hi-Fi publications and see what they say. UltimateAV, Home Theatre Mag, The Perfect Vision, Projector Central, CineNow, Secrets of Home Theatre and Hi Fidelity, Hi Def Digest, HDBeat, DVD Review and DVD Town. They unanimously state that HD-DVD has a better picture. NO exceptions. That's why HD-DVD is ahead.

THE TRUTH5869d ago

because PS3 isn't out yet..............

Everyone knows PS3 will have Blu Ray, why would they spend 1000$ when they can spend less and get a great game console also.


TheMART5869d ago


You get a bad quality BR player in the PS3 then in high quality stand aloneplayers. It has to be cheapass remember because of the already too high priced PS3.

Just like the bad sad quality PS2 DVD drive that got so many non working PS2's.

People that wan't good HD footage, buy a standalone. They take the best quality/price, which is the HD-DVD standalone. It's half the price of BR and has better images.

PS3 buyers are gamers and might play a video once in a while. But no one really buys the PS3 for BR. It's an extra. But still. PS3 gamers won't buy BR movies in large quantities. So it's of no use. And don't forget. The PS2 sold like hot cake because the DVD already was standard. BR is NOT.

End of story. HD-DVD wins, it also sounds logical to people who already bought a HD-TV

No Untruth, no commonsense. You talk ConstantNonsense

RuffRyder5869d ago

Comonsense tells me that if i was a real movies and media buff and wanted the best quality BR player i would get a stand alone player. because comonsense tells me that the one in the PS3 is a cheap version therefore the quality & reliablity will not be as good.

"With the PS3 you are getting a CHEAP BR player" quoted by your master ken.

thats comonsense for you clearly have none.

blackmagic5869d ago (Edited 5869d ago )

For less than $1000 dollars you CAN get a great console and next gen movie player.

For $450 less you could buy a stand-alone HD-DVD player and a Nintendo Wii.

For $150 less you could buy a stand-alone HD-DVD player and an Xbox 360 premium.

But wait, I can see you are a man that recognizes value when you see it. What if you could get TWO great next gen consoles and a next gen movie player for less than $1000!

For $50 less you could buy a stand-alone HD-DVD player AND a Nintendo Wii AND an Xbox 360 core!

HyperBear5869d ago

just like I got a bad quality fan system in my Xbox 360, causing it to overheat and causing me to pay 130 bucks. But yea, i agree. I mean when i buy my PS3 in Nov. i wont be buying it for the blu-Ray and movies, Ill be buying it for games and game-related functions that the PS3 has. Im sure by the end of this year, Ill have everything (plan on getting HD DVD add-on for Xbox 360, The Wii, and PS3 w/ Blu-Ray and i already have a HDTV, so im set for the next-gen HDTV experience of entertainment) but yea, for now HD DVD wins, simply put, cheaper, and better quality right now. But um TheMart, I wokr at Best Buy and we have an up-to-date sepcs sheet about PS3 and it says a Sony manufactured Blu-Ray player in the PS3. Nuthin about a bad quality BR player, why would sony make a blu-ray player just for ps3, just so it can give half of the real thing. Makes no sense. So Blu-Ray and PS3 are looking pretty good right now, just as long as the system works and truely brings out HD experiences, Im fine with that.

RuffRyder5869d ago

The ps3 is 600$ a stand alone BR player is 999$ how do you explain that one???

If there is no difference in quality then how can sony justify a 999$ price tag for a stand alone player when the PS3 is a games console and a BR movie player of the same quality is priced at 600$.

Doesnt make sense?

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