Announcing the First US GT Academy Champion

For most people, video games are just a hobby, a way to do things they can’t do in real life. But with GT Academy, PlayStation, Gran Turismo, and Nissan have changed all that. Over 53,000 hopefuls competed in the GT Academy online time trials in Gran Turismo 5 this past December and January. Thirty-two of the best players in the country made it to the National Finals event in Orlando in March. And this past week, the 16 fastest and most promising racers were taken from virtual to reality when they took a trip over the Atlantic to compete at Silverstone Circuit in England. The stakes: a shot at becoming a professional race car driver.

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AceofStaves2718d ago

Wow. That guy deserves props. Congrats to him.

Tony-Red-Grave2718d ago

would be funny to see said champ become a great race car driver and promote playstation,PD,and GT for helping him

zootang2718d ago

Look up Lucas Ordonez!

Tony-Red-Grave2718d ago

:O holy randomsauce will do -vo_o\