SOCOM Tactical Strike PSP: Easy contender for Game of the Year on any platform.

PSPFanboy tends not to get to worked up about the PSP games and sometimes is pretty harsh...not so with the new SOCOM.


Tactical Strike delivers on so many levels, and is easily on its way to becoming more than just PSP Game of the Year. No, the sheer quality of this title makes it an easy contender for Game of the Year on any platform. The technical excellence is absolutely astounding. Graphics like these simply shouldn't be possible on the PSP, as it easily bests most of the PS2 library. If you thought Logan's Shadow of Chains of Olympus looked good, you haven't seen Tactical Strike. Textures are incredible, especially for a PSP game. The character models are well detailed, and feature incredibly detailed animations. Then, you add real time lighting, fantastic volumetric smoke effects, and large, expansive, detailed environments that must be seen to be believed. Just wait until you see the streaks of sunlight pour through the jungle flora above you. On the PSP screen, or connected to a TV, this game looks absolutely incredible. These screenshots just don't do the game justice: it must be seen to be believed.

The gameplay is absolutely engrossing -- maybe too much so (we've missed a couple of subway stops thanks to this game). There's a significant learning curve, but the built-in tutorial does a fantastic job of teaching players the basics in an intuitive way. Players control two squads of two soldiers, and must use their tactical knowledge to complete their objectives. Players never take direct control of the soldiers: don't expect this to play like previous SOCOM games. In fact, each soldier has its own AI and will try to take care of themselves -- you merely provide the directives and suggestions that they must try to follow. Careful positioning and timing is vital to success, as it only takes a second or two to see the results of your actions. Smart players will remain stealthy, killing enemies as quietly as possible. When gunfire needs to be used, players will know how to set up Alpha and Bravo fireteams to fire from opposing angles, to take enemies by surprise. Enemies will die in a few bullets ... but so will your soldiers.

The incredible realism of the game makes it so utterly compelling. Don't expect to run and gun your way through levels. Enemies will intelligently respond to the changing environment and will do an incredible job of trying to flank you and hide behind cover. They will call for reinforcements, be cautious when someone is mysteriously killed, and will even use snipers to try and get rid of you. This is a brutally difficult game, where no man can be "left behind." To tackle such overwhelming odds, you will find that you will start thinking in totally new ways ... and the game will always try to counter your tactics. It's a brilliant game of chess, but faster and far deadlier.

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IdontTakeSides4875d ago

UMM okay all the Socom games have been great I only expected this to get better with def gonna pick it Bring on Confrontation Sony that would be a nice gift for Christmas as you did with GTHD last year..!!!

ruibing4875d ago

I'll wait for the PSP Review to see if they stay as excited as they are now. And if they do, I am definitely picking this up.

Panthers4875d ago

The reason this is such great news is because this game was developed by Slant Six, the same team behind Socom Confrontation, so that can only mean good things for the new PS3 Socom, which is the ONLY game I care about and is the single reason I got a PS3.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

I'm really glad the developers decided to 're-imagine' SOCOM on the PSP. For the SOCOM's on the PSP, single player has always been just mediocre (while online multi-player has always been mind blowing. 16 players, voice chat- all on a little PSP, I still find it amazing).

Great to know SOCOM-psp will now have single player as good as, if not better, than Syphon Filter. And the graphics....***WOW***...from the screenshots, they look amazing.

Sony 1st party developers FTW.

xhi44875d ago


Game of the year.....on any platform?

If it does, I mean that would be the first on a hand held device to win goty on any platform. That wud be pretty mad, but though they say goty I think bioshock or uncharted will recieve game of the year.

IdontTakeSides4875d ago

umm I think Uncharted should/will win GOTY..unless we see some more biased reviews just randomly pop up out of nowhere...

Genki4875d ago

for gaming journalism as a whole.

kspraydad4875d ago

shouldn't the GOTY go to something like this that is pushing a console to new levels? It has to be fun and accessible and all that but I think a game like this deserves some consideration no?

jack who4875d ago

ill take sum of what your somkin bob

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