movements4756d ago

Looking forward to see how exactly this pans out.


OG Xbox Live Replacement 'Insignia' Continues To Grow With 11 New Supported Games

Online multiplayer is back for 11 more games thanks to Insignia's XBL 1.0 replacement service running on Original Xbox consoles and the Xemu emulator on PC. Multiplayer, voice chat, leaderboards, etc. have been a monthly addition for many games from Xbox's past library thank to the team at! The 11 new games are now playable online once again after 13+ years.

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XiNatsuDragnel457d ago

Yes yes now bring x360 xbox live then we're golden for life.

Asplundh455d ago

?? Xbox 360 servers are still online, they haven't been taken down yet.

XiNatsuDragnel455d ago

Nah they will be tho look at rscs3 they have psn made in there emulator why not xenia bro?

Blashted455d ago

Service still in beta form, sign up/player counts here:

slayereddy455d ago (Edited 455d ago )

Booo!! I was hoping that was Rainbow Six: Black Arrow...Boo!! again. I thought this coming to Xbox. I don't even read it I was so excited.


7 Abandoned Xbox Series We Probably Won't Get Back

Has everyone completely forgotten Blinx?

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WickedLester2562d ago

You forgot to add "thank God" at the end of the headline.

tomr29922562d ago

Indeed... Praise the Lord!

V0MIT_M0NSTER2562d ago

So glad that they won't mess with Banjo anymore.

-Foxtrot2561d ago

So you wouldn't want a proper Banjo-Threeie, Jade Empire or Kameo 2...really?

AZRoboto2561d ago

Or Crimson Skies. That was the shiz

FallenAngel19842562d ago

It's a shame we can't get another Banjo-Kazooie game

-Foxtrot2561d ago

Literally one that's called Banjo-Threeie and they start the game with Kazooie waking up in distress telling Banjo of a hardly nightmare while recapping Nuts and Bolts.

PhoenixUp2562d ago

Microsoft never could maintain a longrunning decent 3D platformers series of their own

AZRoboto2561d ago

I don't think "longrunning" is really necessary... Isn't Blinx the only one that got a sequel?

darthv722561d ago

Blinx needs to return if at least to show up Bubsy.

ninsigma2561d ago

Not sure if it was Xbox only back in the day but I'd love a current gen jet set radio!

Paytaa2561d ago

Jet Set Radio Future was only on Xbox. Fantastic game. Even better than Jet Set Radio for the Dreamcast in my opinion. Such a good soundtrack too

ninsigma2561d ago

Game was beast and deserves to come back on current gen. And hell yeah plus one for that soundtrack!