Play Together on the Fastest Gaming Network, Xbox Live

"Xbox Live was rated highest for both speed and reliability by leading industry research firm IHS Markit, which means you’re getting the fastest, most dependable multiplayer experience possible."

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darthv721709d ago

"Xbox Live was rated highest for both speed and reliability by leading industry research firm IHS Markit, which means you’re getting the fastest, most dependable multiplayer experience possible."

Sounds like an AT&T promo. "Keep calm your XBL is on"

donthate1709d ago

Powered by Azure!

Only the second largest cloud in the world.

neutralgamer19921709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

this just made me laugh

like there is a industry and its sole purpose is to measure clouds LOL

badz1491709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

when there are less players on your network, your connection are bound to be faster LOL

p/s please don't kill me

Aenea1708d ago

And how did they 'rate' this? I mean, how can one gaming network be faster than another when they both actually use the same network, it's called the Internet. And no, most games do not use Azure servers on the Xbox...

game4funz1708d ago

How is one isp better then another?

Aenea1708d ago


That depends on several things, one of which is THEIR actual network. I have cable internet for example, if they have louse cables to my home, or they oversell their bandwidth for my street it will not be a good connection. ISP's can also cap your speed or your data limit, can have crappy customer service, when something happens to their network, like a little box in a street or whole area that breaks and how fast they can repair it.

But comparing XBL and PSN which both use the networks of ISPs and then claim one is faster than the other is nonsensical. And many people believe that is because the network from Xbox is better and allows them to play multiplayer games better, well, it's not a network, it's a bunch of servers in an industry complex connected to the network called Internet and most MP games don't use PSN or Xbox servers but use their own. Both do the exact same thing.

Sure you can try to find out what the uptime of those services on those servers is on both of them and measure other things to find out which one is better but 'faster' or more stable for MP games is a silly thing and has everything to do how people feel it is which is not weird considering they probably just did a survey and didn't test anything real.

SierraGuy1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

"The IHS Markit study included tests that measured how often the network was successful in allowing the gamer to join the network service, log in to game servers, and stay in the game to match completion without a network interruption."

Who wrote this crap..."stay in the game to match completion " that's how you measure reliability? How about how many times it stutters during the match.

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christocolus1709d ago

Nice. I hope MS continues building upon this. I can't wait to see what added features they have planned for the service going forward.

Genuine-User1709d ago

Play the greatest games line up in Xbox history on the fastest, most dependable gaming network.

Xbox One, it only does everything :p

DigitalRaptor1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

More marketing lies from Microsoft.

I don't care if this was from a survey, it just ain't true.

Xbox Live has been down and inaccessible far, FAR more often in the past 18 months than PSN has. The only times PSN is really down is maintenance and that is told to users in advance. Xbox Live goes down randomly without users even being warned and far more often.

Gazondaily1709d ago

"I don't care if this was from a survey, it just ain't true."

Of course lol. Members of the Flat Earth Society exhibit similar behavioural patterns too mate.

christocolus1709d ago

Lmao XD. I imagine he would be saying the opposite if this was the other way around. Anyone who games on both consoles knows how fast and reliable Xbox live is. Since the launch of the service Xbox

neutralgamer19921709d ago

in the eyes of xbox fanboys xblive is the best and never goes down and in the eyes of ps fanboys psn is the best and doesn't go down

fact of the matter is both services go through interruptions, sometimes just for regular maintenance and other times due to security threats or DDOS attacks

let's not act like either service is perfect when we are the ones paying sony/ms and at the very least we can provide honest feedback for proper improvements

gangsta_red1709d ago

It seriously kills you when ANYTHING good is said about the xbox does it digital?

"Xbox Live goes down randomly without users..."

Let me got this factual information from one your sony based youtube vloggers that you follow right? Interesting because I'm on live a lot and i can hardly remember when it was down.

Sm00thNinja1709d ago

No not even close PSN was down yesterday lmao

n4rc1709d ago

its hilarious how full of crap you are. the insanity around here the last couple days speaks volumes though..

neutralgamer19921709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

we just never know how many people participated in these surveys

coolbeans1708d ago

It's not a survey in the sense of how many people FEEL which performs better, if that's what you're getting at. It's a study analyzing various qualities between both networks in controlled and open environments. You can find the details here:

EpicSandwich1709d ago

My God these things need medicine

AngelicIceDiamond1709d ago

You call out lies then you say "The only times PSN is really down is maintenance and that is told to users in advance." which is a huge a load BS.

Kiwi661708d ago

So guess the 2 recent times that psn went down without warning don't count then as that was random so in reality both networks have issues

coolbeans1708d ago

I mean...really? For all the huffing and puffing people seem to do about striving for "objectivity," we're now supposed to just cheer on unsubstantiated claims made by you solely based on console preference?

The INDEPENDENT study is right there for all to read--if they so choose. If you want to try and argue MS bought out the study then I only have one response to that: [CITATION NEEDED]

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Webbyy1709d ago

There is no question that this is true.

Aenea1708d ago

Indeed, whenever a generic Internet router notices there's a packet to be routed originating from an Xbox it gets highest priority!

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