Watch the Sony E3 Press Conference on Gamespot

GameSpot: "Watch Sony's E3 2011 press conference live to see what they unveil about the NGP, their next handheld gaming system."

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BrianG2690d ago

I might depending on how this MS conference goes.

But I'll also be checking out the PS Blog as well.

zeeshan8102690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Or you can watch this conference live in PS Home.

BrianG2690d ago

Always a possibility.

BrunoM2690d ago

Would any one mind telling me when and at why time the press is on ?? I'm lost wit all the damn tome zones .. Pls and thank you

lil Titan2690d ago

can anyone get into Home...please tell me no cause i cant

DrRichtofen2690d ago

@ lil titan

same! every time I try to get into HOME my screen turns black like its about to load but then it never does, and I have to restart my ps3

blitz06232690d ago

Well the MS conference was capital B Boring. If Halo 4 wasn't leaked hours earlier it might have been a bit more interesting, but that was the only game they had. And my god, Kinect is EVERYWHERE

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Misterhbk2690d ago

Just found out I'll be at work during Sony's conference =( so i won't get to stream this from PS Home.

The only good thing about being a manager however is that I can lock myself in my office and no one will be the wiser. I'll make sure I'm watching this either way.

zeeshan8102690d ago

You can download this conference from PS Store after its finished.

LolololRumz2690d ago

Thats amazing that you can download the conference from the store! Mint!

Hedberg2690d ago

The bad thing about the download from the PS Store though is that any gore/blood/extreme violence in the gameplay footage will more than likely be edited out....that is what they did with the God of War III footage ...but all the info was there in sweeeet HD........ I hope they floor everyone with what they show :)

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Tony-Red-Grave2690d ago

its how do i put this i am not enjoying the MS kinect fest still though look foward to ghost recon(ps3) and maybe mass effect.

Pintheshadows2690d ago

The MS conference is making me feel sick. Lightsaber On! No, for the love of God no!

New Tomb Raider looks good as does Gears 3.

Tripl3seis2690d ago

damnn man 7 hours till the conference well i cant wait gives me time to buy a few beers before it starts.

IRetrouk2690d ago

is it 2day, or night depending on where you live?

Tripl3seis2690d ago

i live in the east coast so is around 8 pm if im not mistaking lol.

Elvfam5112690d ago

Shweeeeet... no work tonight

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The story is too old to be commented.