E3 2011: Crytek's Ryse (Kingdoms) finally appears

TechNoid writes: "Microsoft accidentally leaked their E3 line-up, which features the mysterious Ryse. But wait, wasn't Ryse registered by Crytek?"

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FlashXIII2695d ago

I think it's already over stayed it's welcome. It can disappear again and never surface again for all I care.

Marcus Fenix2695d ago

that's my most disappointing thing in the whole show, I was thinking about it all day, they should've said that it's a Kinect title long time ago.

2695d ago
downwardspiral2695d ago

i was disappointed that its gonna be an on rail kinnect game..

trounbyfire2695d ago

No kingdoms i thought was going to be a GOW clone but WTF man really this is

Nes_Daze2695d ago

It looked good, but it was too short, and didn't it look like another rail game? I was hoping that it would use kinect to a minimum.

Fishy Fingers2695d ago

Waste of an 'excusivity contract' with a big name dev if you ask me. Expected so much more from this.

trounbyfire2695d ago

did you see star wars
if we can't get a star wars move game with the LS that melt everything i lose hope

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The story is too old to be commented.