Did Microsoft Just Out Kinect “Console-On” Feature In New Star Wars Trailer?

Ever since the Kinect came out, one of the biggest issues has been that even though the peripheral allows controller-less control over the dashboard, it can’t control everything, and can’t even activate the Xbox 360. This means that the whole point is still pretty much pointless if you have to walk up and switch on the Xbox or grab a controller to turn it on and/or control some other settings.

Did Microsoft just out a new console-on feature for Kinect?

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Ognipode2782d ago

I think it really needs that functionality among OTHER things

Christopher2782d ago

No, it's just marketing to make the Kinect look more futuristic, like the droids in Star Wars movies.

The Kinect device is in full power off mode unless plugged directly into the wall (all new 360s' have the device plug directly into the 360). Would require all new hardware on both the 360 and Kinect device to allow this, but would also require using up more power than desired since both devices would need to be "on" but in sleep mode at all times for it to work.

Hellsvacancy2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

And i was just thinkin *hows this mofo climbed the bubble ladder so high*

Because what you just wrote made perfect sense, kinda makes this article pointless now, might aswel report it

GavinMannion2781d ago

lol the guy makes a fantastic point but I don't think it makes the article reportable.

It's still just an opinion

r2kcipher2781d ago

its actually because hes a mod but i guess you can say he became a mod by communicating intelligently.

femshep2781d ago

no but the finger tracking was a nice touch to announce in the new update whenever that comes

Oner2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

That's not exactly "finger tracking" as most would believe. It's more like "end of extremity tracking" since it is only "tracking" an immovable finger or two to draw a line. It's not like they are tracking 10 separate fingers to play a piano game or something that would require true dexterity.

This is nothing more than the usual MS word play PR tactic BS to make something seem better or more advanced than what it truly is. When they show someone typing or playing a piano using Kinect...that's when it will be true "finger tracking" capable. And until then or otherwise it's just fake BS.

Nes_Daze2781d ago

I was only impressed with kinect when they showed Mass Effect 3 using voice commands. The finger tracking was kinda impressive, but not that great.

femshep2781d ago

don't forget the gun customization in ghost recon that was pretty sweet as well

captain-obvious2781d ago

yet i can just use my controller to do the GR stuff
and i can use my mic to do the ME3

its good to see those stuff in there but not impressive at all

Burning_Finger2781d ago

Microsoft are just too arrogant to learn from Sony's mistake with the PS EYETOY.

BioRevenant2781d ago

Because the eyetoy sold 10 million units and is in the a worlds record book for fastest selling electronics device of all time, amirite?

Rikan2781d ago

Whaa? In that case, their arrogance made it the fastest selling electronics device ever. I have two bubbles because I'm new, you have one bubble because...well, your sort of self-advertising really.

gaden_malak2781d ago

You get three bubbles when you are new. Idiot.

Rikan2781d ago

Hey look, its my new stalking bud gaden_ballsack! Hey man, long time no see! =)

gaden_malak2781d ago

You make this way to easy.

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