Homefront Spillway Map Hands On | The Controller Online

Kaos gives Xbox 360 Homefront players a chance to be the first to see Spillway, one of the two maps available for download in the upcoming Fire Sale map pack. Any Xbox 360 owner can get their hands on these if you are part of the Homefront community, and choose the Ground Control gametype in their current beta test. If that sounds like a lot of work just have a look below and you can see what you’re in for.

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F4sterTh4nFTL2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

At least try to fix the bullshit of COD instead of outright copying what they do.

akaFullMetal2690d ago

Worst game I played this year unfortunately. Also poor performance on the ps3 version too, didn't sway my headaches at playing the game.

FragMnTagM2690d ago

I guess people are hard to please. I enjoy the game alot and still play it. Kudos to Kaos for releasing two maps for only 240 ms points.