vgZero: Microsoft E3 2011 Preview

vgZero: "Microsoft is in a seemingly precarious position heading into this year’s E3. Nintendo will be unveiling a brand new home console along with a number of announcements regarding its software, not to mention its recently-launched 3DS handheld which will be garnering a lot of attention as gamers anxiously await some quality titles for the system. Sony will also be on hand to spill all the details regarding its new handheld, the NGP (soon to be called PlayStation Vita, or so we hear), and will have an impressive library of exclusives to show off for the PlayStation 3. Microsoft, on the other hand, doesn’t have any new consoles to show off (that we know of), does not have a competitor in the handheld market, and has a comparatively sparse line-up of upcoming exclusives for the Xbox 360 heading into this year’s E3. As a result, Microsoft has left a lot of big questions to be answered this week. Will there be some big new Xbox 360 exclusives to show off? Are there any worthy Kinect-compatible games coming for the “hardcore” crowd? What new features will be coming to Xbox Live this year? We try to sift through the scuttlebutt in an attempt to get a feel for what Microsoft will have to show at E3 2011."

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Jocosta2783d ago

I would love to think that MS has something up their sleeve, but I will probably be let down.

2783d ago
Bigpappy2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Doom and gloom for 360? Wee will soon know if this is the case. But M$ is not stupid, they are in this to win.

kingdoms2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Using speculations about e3 to spin Microsoft's success over the competition as of late :P

Nintendo needs to worry about combating Kinect not bringing the Wii in the hd era with a new console. Microsoft forced Nintendo to launch a new console because of motion tech not console hardware.