GameLine: Will there be a Disgaea 5?

With Disgaea 4 coming out later this year, GameLine finds out if there will be a fifth entry into NIS America's Disgaea series.

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pedrami912718d ago

Maybe then, but it's still kinda early to talk about a sequel to a game that got released about 4 months ago.

knifefight2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Of course there will.
But they're not going to SAY that right now because on a subconscious level, it takes away from the hype behind Disgaea 4. They'll wait till part 4 is on the market for a good 5-12 months before announcing a sequel.

phoenixdown2718d ago

even for a niche game, this series sells quite well to it's fanbase.

DarkBlood2718d ago

ive yet to get 3 but it sounds like a good rpg kind of like FF tactic right?

baker_boi2718d ago

Yes, in that they are both Tactical RPGs

But there's infinitely more things to do in Disgaea than FFT.

I didnt get to play FFT Advanced 2 so that may have changed for that series.

DarkBlood2718d ago

i got it, its pretty good, cant really say to u i hate it or anything when i come across other games playing similar or the same i pretty much keep the same opinion preference so its really up to the story i guess

Inception2718d ago

I think they will announced Disgaea 5 after Atelier Meruru got localized

rambler2718d ago

This doesn't make any sense. Why would NISA localising a game be a catalyst for announcing a NIS game?

Inception2718d ago

lol, don't be so serious dude
i just said random stuff

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