Top 5 E3 announcements that would break forums

These are the top 5 announcements that if actually made at E3 could potentially shut down forums across the internet.

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comradestalin2690d ago

Here's one to tack on there: Multiplatform releases for previously exclusive games. I.E. Halo HD for Wii/Cafe.

FACTUAL evidence2690d ago

Here's one, Kojima really show's at E3, an exclusively shows at the MS conference to say MGS5 is announced and MP, and 360 will have exclusive DLC. That's one.

Kon2689d ago

Here's one: Not gonna happen.

Godmars2902690d ago

Diablo III or the EVE FPS going to PS3-only wouldn't break anything?

xc7x2690d ago

Tetris announced for Wii2 / NGP!! total excitement!! unbelievable!! stunning!!

comradestalin2690d ago

Don't toy with my emotions in such ways!

xc7x2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

can't help it,no game could touch the hype,none!! Zelda what? Uncharted who? Tetris,yeah!! GOTY!!

RockmanII72690d ago

0: MS buys Nintendo, Sony, Apple, and Norway.

xc7x2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Norway Government mandates you go to war [in game of your choice] on Xbox. Everyone would volunteer and not go to work ever.

MidnytRain2690d ago

The game industry goes bust and no new games will ever be published or sold at retailers, including the the obliteration of all official online gaming services.

*Internet implodes*

Max_Dissatisfaction2690d ago

Credit card information is however safe

CrimsonEngage2690d ago

MS announced the next XBOX. That would come out of no where and i would shit my pants.

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The story is too old to be commented.