SOCOM: Source - An Interesting New Shooter In The Works

"If you’ve been following along in the SOCOM world here lately, then you might know who and what SOCOM: Source is, but, for those who don’t or just happened to miss it, we’re here to fill you in, well, at least guide you to where you can be informed about this “new shooter” that’s in development."

Note: "Please keep in mind that this was a BETA build of Desert Glory, and that many details of the map are still missing. It was simply a rough layout of the map, but I would like to provide it to you to show my level of dedication to detail, and also my desire to keep things as close as possible to the original SOCOMs."

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Joni-Ice2875d ago

I'm sorry but....WTF? What the hell is this?

SCEA_RULES2875d ago

Please keep in mind that this was a BETA build of Desert Glory, and that many details of the map are still missing. It was simply a rough layout of the map

BattleAxe2875d ago

Everyone should support the guy who is heading up this project.

This guy speaks the truth in his post on, except the one area that I disagree with him is the fact that I loved Socom 3 and Combined Assault. This video is just a very early build of this particular map and also the character model.

Source is a great engine, and I'm sure that if this guy can get a good team to help him out, that it will be a great game. As for calling it Socom.....he'll probably have to think up of another name that will resonate with socom fans.

And yes, I am one of those old school Socomers that was disappointed with Socom: Confrontation, but nowhere near as disappointed as I am with Socom 4. Good to see a true Socom fan taking matters into his own hands.

the_kutaragi_baka2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

you suck,This is a brilliant idea, and have my support 100% for project.

all know that retard Zipper will never get it done to release a Socom game with the old feeling. I would definitely donate to this guys in this project.

Joni-Ice2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

You can't call it Socom.

EDIT: @ The_Kutaragi_baka...You can make a game like Socom but you can NOT call it Socom. Socom is owned by Sony/Zipper. You can make a game with all the gameplay elements you want but it can not be called Socom.

the_kutaragi_baka2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

The community has been asking for a game like original Socom for some time, so if companies like Zipper not listen then we can make it ourselves.

Trroy2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )


You can tell by this SOCOM Source guy's blog posts that he has *no* clue how to make a game as robust as SOCOM. There's a reason games like this cost several million to make, even during the PS2 era, and now cost 10s of millions, and dozens of people / 100s of man-years.

It's good to dream, though. That's cool. Honestly, though, if the guy wants to remake SOCOM as he remembers it... he's better off trying to get a job at Sony, as a designer, then moving on to being a lead designer, then pushing a SOCOM remake, hoping it will get approved, sometime during like... the PS5, than trying to roll his own.

Pandamobile2875d ago

It's a flipping Source mod, guys. Chill out.

MAJ0R2875d ago

it looks better than Socom 4 thats for sure

DeadlyFire2875d ago

Looks interesting, but sounds like he plans to charge people for this. Which won't happen with the title SOCOM on it.

Not a bad project or plan though.

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CNXN2875d ago

what is this supposed to be...CS third person...

Graphics2875d ago

Its sad when you see something you love fall like Socom has that it now has to come to this.

Counter-Strike2875d ago

Good idea,didn't even think of that. See if you can make it round based and stuff.

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