E3 2011: Modern Warfare 3 Takes Manhattan

IGN writes: 'Wall Street is full of crooks and an invading Russian army. Weapons free'

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theonlylolking2782d ago

"The scale is epic. Marching alongside a tank, your squad battles troops on the ground as desolate Manhattan skyscrapers loom overhead."

This guy thinks that 1 tank, 1 squad and skyscrapers is large scale. Maybe he has never seen the BF3 trailer where there are like 5 tanks going across the desert, a fire fight with jets in the sky, skyscrapers, helicopters and more than 1 squad. He probably has never played MAG either since he thinks that scale is epic.

CarlosX3602780d ago

I would think that you haven't seen the trailer released yesterday:

I dunno about you, but THAT is epic.