Ridge Racer 7 Update

Namco Bandai disappointed many with its E3 showing of Ridge Racer 7 for the PS3. The company didn't actually show the PS3 title, instead opting for a pre-rendered video designed to show its vision for future installments of the series.

Four months later, and we're at last set to get a first look at actual Ridge Racer 7 material. While Namco Bandai will be updating the game's Japanese website later this week, the latest issue of Famitsu got the scoop with a few new details.

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rj815870d ago

I am soooo shocked!!

THE TRUTH5870d ago

What is the reason your on this site again?

I gave you some good news especially the developer of GT series on his thoughts of PS3, give me a break

rj815870d ago

I'm not dissing your news... I'm saying I'm not surprised that we're getting rendered footage of a PS3 game.

THE TRUTH5870d ago

I apologize, just wait until TGS my friend Im telling you. TGS is where you will SEE AND UNDERSTAND what Sony is trying to do with the PS3 and it is where the playable games will be unleashed .... I can't wait to see LAIR!!

Bhai5870d ago

YUP ! I too am getting insanity bites waiting for LAIR, its just getting too difficult to wait anymore, I hope Sony bring out more content of it before TGS !

Sevir045870d ago

i hope RR7 has a positve show and Great graphics to boot because i loved RR6 on the my 360 more than PGR3. and with no GT5 at launch RR7 will be the one to battle it out with Forza 2.

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