Retro Re-releases - Money for Old Rope?

Retro gaming compilations are all the rage these days, but do they represent good value for money or are games publishers just expecting gamers to spend good money for old rope?

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DigitalRaptor2690d ago

This argument is silly - people want these HD remakes.
There are so many that I'm willing to spend my cash on:

- Resident Evil 4/Code Veronica
- Beyond Good & Evil HD
- Sega Dreamcast Re-releases
- Ico/Shadow of the Colossus
- Silent Hill Collection
- Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
- Zone of the Enders HD Collection
- Splinter Cell Trilogy

It's nice to be able to play old favourites in high resolution and additional features, or to play games that you never really had chance to pick up. If that costs money, then so be it!