Msxbox-World Metro Last Light first look

Msxbox-world were invited to a THQ event and saw the game in action. They have posted their impressions.

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Inside_out2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I really enjoyed Metro 2033 ( played it on 360 ) and found the graphics and game play a step above most games. It was a complete surprise to me and one of the most overlook title last year.

I regards to the dribble this guy is spewing about how he didn't agree with the review given by his fellow employee and reviewer, I strongly disagree.

" We'll see better gun play mechanics with improved hit detection and hopefully more forgiving stealth elements "...

...complaining about the stealth being too hard and unforgiving pretty much tells everyone your a noob and not a very smart one at that.

The hit detection in ANY game is not perfect and there is always room for improvements but Metro is not your normal game. It's too long to get into here but besides the upgrades, the economy( Money ) of the game is bullets. Some bullets are better built ( pre-disaster ) than others and offer more damage. Any time a game goes to great lengths to offer OPTIONS, people who don't get it freak out. Crysis 2 with all it's upgrades has suffered the same fate as noobs are confused why some guys can take more bullets than others, ignoring the armor and it's upgrades.

I hope that Metro--last light has a demo and a decent advertising budget so more people have a chance to play this great game. Some of the best atmosphere you will find anywhere.

Here's a look at last years most overlooked title...Metro 2033--first ten minutes...yep, that good...

ATiElite2745d ago

I really enjoyed Metro 2033 PC and let me tell you the graphics were mind blowing! (if your PC has balls). Better than Crysis. yeh I said it and yes my PC has Balls.

Now as far as the one guy giving it a 9.5, I wouldn't go that high more like a solid 8.5 Metro 2033 is a game worth buying and playing again and again. A very good edition to your gaming collection.

Sure the game has some minor flaws and is sometimes caught between being a linear corridor shooter or wanting to go the STALKER FPS/RPG route (some of the Metro Devs actually helped make STALKER). But overall it's a great Core gaming experience that can be challenging with the bullet currency which i thought was great cause it really make you think what your doing as every shot "counts".

Unfortunately hearing that Metro Last Light wants to be "More Mainstream" means a COD clone is inbound (when will Devs learn). Anyway go buy Metro 2033 and enjoy a great shooter that is challenging and maybe Metro Last light will not sell-out it's Core game play in hopes of attracting the 9 year olds who play COD.