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KiasuKiasiMan2789d ago

Sounds interesting enough. Though I rather Nintendo made Mario Kart one of the launch titles as well. :P

DarkCharizard_2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

No no... MK can wait. We're already getting one on the 3DS this year. They should launch Cafe with a new Smash Bros!

EDIT: After doing some research, I found that the system is called CURRENT the list of titles includes Pikmin, the new Kirby, new DKC, another "Super" of SFIV, Tekken, Soulcalibur, CURRENT Mario Kart, CURRENT C (contra), Zelda Wind Waker, GTAV, Some MGS game where u play as a girl...

LOL. This is the most fake bulls*** I've ever seen!


MintBerryCrunch2789d ago

"The big thing about the screen is that it’s a multi-touch screen, contains it’s own battery and is detachable from the controller unit

The screen when detached contains its own memory so developers can store data on it, so gamers can play whatever the developer designs for the screen-only use

When the screen is attached to the controller it works by streaming content directly from the console"

interesting...looking forward to see a demo of how it works, hands on

I_find_it_funny2789d ago

how about.. a new IP? Nintendo can you still do it?

inveni02789d ago

The controller described would cost $399 on its own. There's no way that they're making something that advanced and shipping it with a console when just a 3DS costs $249. These specs are made up.

AAACE52789d ago

Sounds legit, based on what we know so far!

I'm glad Nintendo are tired of playing with their Wii-Wii, and ready to get back to real gaming!

Can't wait to see what the next Zelda looks like.

lzim2789d ago


it is practically tradition for consoles to sell at a loss (over time) but if Nintendo is so focused on 3rd party and those games actually sell they won't have to worry about system sales to make money (even if that is their tradition).

Also with such a big lead and what may end up being a solid 8th generation start, they'll be sitting pretty in that pool for a while before there is any competition from Microsoft and Sony.. as long as they can continue attracting developers.

Bull5hifT2789d ago

Cause the graphics are on par with "CURRENT" Gen HardWare

rob60212789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

The fact that Konami reviled the new contra just calling it 'C' in the teaser trailer AFTER this guy did his leak shows it just might be true after all. That and the snatcher poster found in kojima's office, relating to his hint about a game that seems to be Snatcher.

gamingdroid2789d ago

Holy [email protected]!

I wonder if the portable screen can be used as a portable gaming device or attached to one to get physical controller. It could compete with NGP....

presto7172789d ago

Please does anyone know if this new wii will have backward compatibility? I'm considering buying a wii, but if the new one will be able to play original wii games, then I might as well just save up

Skip_Bayless2788d ago

It seems like a home version of the DS. I hope Nintendo fails really hard be because I spent so much wasted money on the Wii. Once again they're slighting us with specs that are on par with PS3 and this is their first real attempt with unified online interface.

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Lyr1c2789d ago

Oh man...Now I REALLY can't wait for their conference.

I'm buying this at launch if even 1/4 of these things prove true.

KiasuKiasiMan2789d ago

The only thing I'm afraid of is a high launch price. I mean the 3DS has an unusually high price for a Nintendo product. And given these specs, I would not be surprised if Nintendo prices the thing at US$399?

I mean the touchscreen on the controller is definitely going to bump up the price alot. Plus the 1/1.5GB of RAM is also going to bump the price, given that the 360 only has 512MB. As wel as a custom IBM processor, that's 3-cores? (Has there been a 3 core processor? I thought they were 2 or 4 cores these days.) I mean these specs would definitely not fit within Nintendo's cheap launch prices.

jaosobno2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

AMD has 3 core CPU (better said, it's quad core with 1 disabled core).

Nintendo better not make another high priced mistake like 3DS, otherwise they might go back from being first to last again.

DeadlyFire2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Yes there has been a 3 core CPU before. Xbox 360 CPU is IBM triple core as well.

I am wondering what the thread count is on the new Nintendo system. If its this gen. or next generation type CPU. 6 threads or 12 will make a dramatic impact. Sadly if 6 threads then power will be still more than PS3 and X360 with added GPU at least graphically. GPU is basically an overclocked ATI 4800 series GPU. Its very impressive for Nintendo to have in its system. Visuals will far surpass X360 and PS3 graphics. CPU worries me though. Basically it will be the low end of the next generation war if its only got 6 threads running on it. I imagine that Sony and Microsoft are aiming for at least a 12 threaded CPU for their next consoles. Still though visuals that are on or better than PS3/X360 level are very capable of existing in the console market for another 5-10 years. PS2 was the low end CPU wise, but still sold the most. Wii was low end CPU and GPU wise and still selling the most. Project Cafe looks to be amping it up a little while still aiming for a low end spot. Its a nice deal though I believe. As we will be getting quality titles.

I expect every major multiplatform game that has skipped the Wii will jump to this system.

1 GB of RAM is great, but could have been 2. As most PC users move into 4-8 GB range in next couple of years.

aia122789d ago

the number of cores doesn't matter its the performance of each core that counts

kneon2789d ago

It's not even the performance of each core that matters, it's the total throughput of the system that matters.

DJMarty2789d ago

@KiasuKiasiMan - Cell is 8 core cpu, with one disabled for yeilds.

ProjectVulcan2789d ago

"The system does run on AMD R700 card, but the architecture is slightly different and the clock speeds are much higher"

How much is 'much'?

The top end R700 (Radeon 4890) already runs 850mhz. How much faster would it possibly run? Is why i question some parts of this 'leak'

ApexHell2789d ago

@djmarty do not mistake spe's with cores

AAACE52789d ago

The 360 has a 3 core processor KiasuKiasiMan!

You can't judge a game console the same way as a PC! Though similar, the consoles are designed to do certain things.

Look at consoles like stock sports cars such as Mustang, Ferrari, etc. Then look at PC's like modified sports cars. Meaning, you can do a lot more, but it will cost you more!

rob60212789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

The specs show we'll see a $300 price point if Nintendo has the balls to be aggressive, and they will. Which pretty much guarantee's PS3 will drop to $200. This isn't the handheld market where they can gouge early adopters at will.

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Trunkz Jr2789d ago

All I know is that I want it. Finally a Nintendo console that can play stuff the other consoles can ^^

TKCMuzzer2789d ago

I bet all those casual Wii players can't wait. Looks like Nintendo might be about to confuse it's main gaming market.

TVippy2787d ago

So, the ultimate assessment... NOT TRUE? The screen size is 6.2" in reality. No specs yet.

lzim2789d ago

and starfox. Hell I'd love Epic and Crytek to chime in with exclusive new IP too.. but what kills me too is it might not have good racers at launch, waverace, XG, f-zero.

Misterhbk2789d ago

Only thing that mattered in all of that was pokemon rpg with great online component. If true they just sold me the console.

It's also great they they threw out those retarded friend codes. E3 is heating up. Pokemon at launch would be huge.

pain777pas2789d ago

The only fear is that this sounds expensive. Also how great a step is this system graphically. Call me excited if all this is true. I am guarded also because of online play aswell. If Nintendo comes through, I will have to consider a purchase because I skipped on the WII and gave up on the DS this seems to be up my alley tech wise. We need to see the specs from Microsoft and Sony's next systems plus if the system has comparable graphics to those 2 and the game play is pretty much a really good DS like experience I just don't know. Sony could lower the price on the PS3 and make the NGP do similar to greater things. However, I will be honest I most excited to see what Nintendo has cooking this E3 because I have a feeling that this system will be ready for purchase sooner rather than later.

showtimefolks2789d ago

and i can't wait to find out more. If everything is true it will be expensive console and i don't think nintendo is in the market for a 400-500 console

i hope this time motion controls are only optional and not forced. what i mean is as a gamer give me the option to choose whether i want to play with motion controls or just regular controller(like what sony has done with move support yet still being able to play with DS3)

if this is true with hd console expect many 3rd party devs to port games like BF3,MW3 etc,,,,also expect ME3 to launch on wii-2

Shackdaddy8362789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Well for the N64 they showed off Mario 64. Maybe they are trying to follow in the N64's footsteps (something they should have tried to do all along).

TheIneffableBob2788d ago

Hold on, R700? Why would Nintendo use something 2 generations old?

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Shackdaddy8362789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

If all of this is true then I will definitely be buying this. New Mario 64 - type game,Pokemon, Zelda, and a new IP? Me and my friends will eat this stuff up.

I am extremely worried about the price of controllers though because I'm gonna have to buy three more so my friends can play with me. If the controllers are $100 each then that would be an extra $300 tagged on. Really really really hoping the touchscreen is just optional.

Spitfire_Riggz2789d ago

oh my god an online Pokemon RPG. This is fucking amazing excuse my French.

it will supposedly be shown as a flagship title for its online capabilities, god yes!

VampiricDragon2789d ago

its not a main game likely. Those are staying on portables like game freak said

I hope its stadium taken to the next level

Just pure battling with teams

Arnon2789d ago

Just read this on /v/, lolz.

I'm interested. However, the console aesthetic looks f*cking horrible.

thereapersson2789d ago

Honestly, it looks like an external HDD

Arnon2789d ago

It looks more like the box that Windows OS comes in.

limewax2789d ago

I think it looks more like a router, But my big concern isn't how ugly it is, But if these specs are real how will it not ignite itself in that small casing?

mrmikew20182789d ago

This is so exciting for someone in my age bracket, who actually grew up on Nintendo systems. If these specs are true, I don't see why the Big N can't titles like BF 3 and GTA V. Regardless I'm getting it anyway.

Ashira2789d ago

Friend codes gone? Awesome online system?
Let's take this with a grain of salt, shall we? That is Nintendo we're talking about. They didn't even get rid of the friend codes for 3Ds, so I honestly doubt they're going to for Café.
Now do I think Nintendo will "outsource" the whole online network development. Doesn't sound like them.

Theyellowflash302789d ago

Do you really even believe what your saying? Nintendo has already stated there getting outside help on the online system and many people in the gaming industry has already stated going back months that this system will not use friend codes. Why are you bringing up the 3DS in this situation? 2 different situations. I can bet you money that it won't use friend codes and the online will be much better.