GamerNode - Red Faction: Armageddon "Halfway House" Review

GamerNode's Dan Crabtree writes:

So, hey. Welcome to Red Faction: Armageddon Halfway House. It's great to have you here. We like to say, "Nobody's a loser... when everyone's a winner," and... we hope you'll join us. Really, it's just great to have you. Really.

Let me introduce you to the neighbors. A few of them can be clingy; just smile and be polite and they'll leave you alone eventu-- Oh hey, Mr. Cutscenes, how's the wife? Mmm, that bad? Well, no marriage is perfect, I guess... What's that? No, Mr. Cutscenes, he moved out years ago, remember? No? Yeah, he and Text-Based Storytelling got a place on Downloadable-Remakes Street a while back now. So that is... that. We'll see you.

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