vgZero: E3 2011 Third Parties Preview - Part II

vgZero: "E3 is traditionally the time when gamers turn their eyes and ears to the “Big 3” as they roll out announcements regarding new software, new hardware, and upgrades or add-ons to their existing hardware. With Nintendo set to introduce its next home console, Sony preparing the launch of its newest handheld, and Microsoft readying a library of software for its tremendously popular new Kinect peripheral, 2011 will certainly be no different. However, it should not be forgotten that 2011 is also primed to offer one of the most substantial software line-ups ever to grace the video games industry in a calendar year, most of which will be provided by companies other than the “Big 3”. And already halfway to 2012, we’re sure to get a good feeling as to how next year is shaping up as well. The following preview will take a look at what to expect from third parties at E3 this week. Here's part two of the round up!"

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