Official US PS3 site updated

Check out the official site's new look. The specs page was updated too.

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rj815870d ago

Still no official word on whether the CPU downgrade rumours are true. The Cell's specs are not revealed.

THE TRUTH5870d ago

That's all you care about? I'm interested in the games and how developers are reacting to the PS3 hardware.

RUMORS, are meaningless especially since there have been SO MANY and 99% of them have been proven false.

Just enjoy the new site and relax. TGS is where you'll get most of your answers

ASTAROTH5870d ago

Developers are starting ti said that the PS3 is a blast to develop for and its not that difficult. Just read the HAZE interview in They are also saying thats there even more that can be done with the PS3. KOOLLLLLLL. As for the updated site. It seems REAL that the PS3 will only utilizes 256 MB of RAM, wich is a shame but even with that Virtua Tennis 3 has higher res textures and poly models in the PS3 version. Just have to wait for final games, cause games like LAIR look amazing. WELCOM3 CHANG3!!!!!!!!!

rj815870d ago

I would simply like to know the specs of the console I'm about to purchase. Sony, in its infinite wisdom, has chosen to leave the CPU SPEED off the spec sheet.

RelloC5870d ago

550/500 decrease is the clockspeed of the GPU (RSX), not the CELL. the cell is 3.2ghz.

Captain Tuttle5870d ago

They seem very vague about the online service.

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