What Happened to Motion Plus?

We all remember Wii Motion Plus. It was revealed back at E3 2008, and then released almost a year later in June 2009. It was what so many had initially hoped for when they heard that the Wii had motion controls. The Official Nintendo Magazine stated that movements are" captured extremely accurately", which they were. Motion Plus was awesome.

Some have likened Motion Plus to being like leaping from VHS to Blu-Ray technology in the world of motion gaming. 374,000 units sold in North America in the first month, and in Japan 650,000 units were sold in its first week. Wii Motion Plus was the next best thing in gaming, but what has happened to it in the two years since?

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SactoGamer2695d ago

It got integrated into the Wii Remote.

TroySoul2694d ago

What a Terrible Article.

Knushwood Butt2694d ago

By building it into the Wiimote it kind of helps people to forget about it.

Which is convenient when practically no software actually supports it.

But hey, Nintendo are still great and don't push unsupported devices on their users.

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Bounkass2694d ago ShowReplies(1)
YourFlyness2694d ago

I thought after the Black Wii was released it was built into the remote

sickbird2694d ago

motion controls are dying already thats what happen.

Tommykrem2694d ago

I think a better part of the article is about what happened to Motion Plus supporting games. No Motion Plus in SMG2 for instance, but Motion Plus will be in the Skyward Sword, so it'll have its fair amount of support. Would be best if it was there from the start though.

zgoldenlionz2694d ago

by fair support you mean a few 1st party titles.

Tommykrem2694d ago

Yes, and potentially a Red Steel 3.

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