New Dissidia 012 DLC in action

Since the PlayStation Store recently updated with a sizable amount of new Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy DLC, one may be in a situation where they may not be able to buy them all at once. The video below shows off all of the current DLC costumes currently available for North America and includes the launch and promotional gifts from other Square-Enix PSP titles. Be sure to check it out as a reference to the new DLC.

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Ddouble2691d ago

I'm liking Cloud and Lightning's new costumes. Emperor looks like a woman in his new one.

Deadman_Senji2690d ago

I want something new for Cloud. I'm a little sick of the KH outfit. I was never really a fan of it, or Sephiroth's KH look.

Emperor's new costume is interesting. I'd assume it's one of his obscure final forms from the NES version but I don't have extensive knowledge of FF2's new to me.