Under Siege: Now Available on PSN

Filipe Pina // Producer, Under Siege writes:

"Under Siege is now available for $19.99 ($10.00 for PlayStation Plus users) and suppers six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. It includes a full campaign, two-player multiplayer online and local play, and the same Editor used by us to create the game itself."

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hakis862692d ago

Wow, didn't know about this game. Looks really good, love the editor, and it has Move support! Apparently 10 USD for PSN Plus members (which should be everybody for 30 dys now, right?).
Thanks for posting! I think I'll but it.

ISKREEM2692d ago

No problem. I've been thoroughly enjoying the game myself, so I only figured it would be right to share it with others. =)

Rainstorm812692d ago

Has anyone bought this or tried it out? im always so skeptical about console rts games and the preview vid on PSN didnt help convince me to get it.

hakis862692d ago

Do a quick YouTube search :)

ISKREEM2692d ago

I've bought it, and while i'm not much further than the first chapter yet, I am quite enjoying it so. Though, i'm not typically big on the RTS genre, so my view on it may differ from others.

This video may help you get a better idea of what the mechanics of the game are like:

grailly2692d ago

I bought it when the psn came back up, but didn't have much time with it. I played the tutorial and the first mission, I'm not sure I like it yet; I had issues controlling my troops, but I don't know if it's just because I'm bad or if the game doesn't control well.
I didn't try it with the move yet (the battery was empty), though

NateCole2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

What type of game is it?. How big was the download file?.

grailly2692d ago

It's a strategy game, but there's no base-building involved(for what I've seen). you start of with spawn points on which you can spawn any off your accessible troop and then from there try to finish the mission with what you have. troops have special abilities and can level up. It's quite similar to the missions in warcraft 3:the frozen throne, if you're fimiliar with it.

It's low budget so there's no voice acting; the story is told through sprites popping up and text.

NateCole2692d ago

Interesting. I love Warcraft 3 so i might buy this. Thanks for the info.

ISKREEM2692d ago

The size of the download is 866MB, after a small update.

Umb2692d ago

On the PC by Bungie, it plays very similar to that as it is an RTS.

I have it and can say I am enjoying it. The controls can take a little getting use to, using six axis by the way.

The only bummer point I see at the moment is the inability to save any time you want or at least before each battle/sub battle.

Over quite good is my opinion. You should try it and at that price it won't break the bank or be spitting blood if you don't like it.

Redeye72691d ago

I've been following this for a while and bought it when the PSN went back up (thanks for the discount!).

This is a great game. It does have a learning curve, but it is not as bad as some folks are making out. I've played it with both the dualshock and the move, and I now play this exclusively with the move. In fact, I think this is the best implementation of move controls yet, they've done a perfect job.

There are not many traditional RTS elements, this more like a Total War type game where your units gain experience and carry over, but the battlefields themselves are for fighting, not base building. Don't let that mislead you into thinking you'll have thousands of troops'll instead of a very small handful that you will need to carefully manage to get through the battles.

Certainly one of the best on the PSN and it fills the RTS niche nicely.

I can't comment on the level editor, I haven't tried it.