Spyro heading to the big screen

The next game series to transcend from a video game to the big screen will be the purple and adorable Spyro the Dragon. The Animation Picture Co. picked up the film rights from Sierra Entertainment and is planning to turn Spyro into a 3D CGI feature film.

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WilliamRLBaker4872d ago

lets hope to got that its a kid movie and not some rated R thing.

YoMeViet4872d ago

Spyro the Movie
rated R LOL
lets all hope it turns out good and not like:

DOA-(casting for Kasumi was SO wrong, Kasumi has to have bigger breasts)
Bloodrain-(omg they had the worst voice acting ever)
Mortal Kombat-(was watchable...)
Street Fighter-(nice soundtrack...)
Doom-(blah even the Rock suck in that one)

and many more, I just can't remember them all.

Devr4872d ago

NOO! I was a huge fan of these games as a kid. So this time it's my childhood memories turn to get raped... :( Screw you, Sierra.

xionpunk4872d ago

yeah i played the original, still have it, on psone when it came out. it was pretty fun, even if there are no heads bein blowed off.
movie is most likely a bad idea...unless it is r rated with heads bein blowed off.

ahnonamis4872d ago

Not even Spyro -- a game which hasn't REALLY been relevant for years -- can escape the Bad Movie Adaptation curse :(

Wii60PS3DSPSP4872d ago

Exactally...Does anyone really care about Spyro anymore?

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