Disney Helping Promote PS3 and Blu-ray

In the latest Disney commercials for newly released Disney Blu-ray movies and games Disney is giving the PS3 some added promotion stating that the product "Plays on Blu-ray players and PlayStation 3."

This is great news for Sony and it appears that Disney and Sony have some sort of partnership which has made this type of advertisement a reality.

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cr33ping_death4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

ahhhhhhhhhh the hd format war plot thickens.

edit: i know how blue ray is doing...but you know we are still going to get the " hd dvd selling more stand alone players and blah blah blah " stories

shmee4875d ago

have you been sleeping all these days

90% of the Japanese manufacturers are producing just the BD drives.

BD outguns HD DVD 9;1 in JAPAN and 4:1 in EUROPE

even TRANSFORMERS couldnt help see HD DVD surge past BD just for a single week.

can u even imagine what happens when bigger titles like Spiderman 3 and Pirates 3 hit the market

Real gamer 4 life4875d ago

it just got that worst for hd-dvd. Man Disney is huge, parents are going to wanna buy those disney movies for there kids, and since diesney is blueray exclusive. this isnt going to look good.

ruibing4875d ago

Especially now that Disney has Pixar back. I would love to get some of the new Pixar movies and old Disney classics on BD this holiday. Life is good.

solar4875d ago

when you throw kids into the mix of the format wars....your waking up a whole new animal.

[email protected]4875d ago

and that's my actual confirmation that KH3 will be on the PS3 ^_^ (Yeah, I know I'm quite *cough*completely*cough* off-topic lol)

But, this is HUGE*

eagle214875d ago

This is the first real blu ray x-mas. Last year the world had no clue. But the future comes so fast, huh?

SIX4875d ago

I just bought Pirates 2 and Apocalypto. Disney had this buy one get one free deal last week. I don't know if it's still going on though, but yeah, Disney is a very powerful ally.

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The story is too old to be commented.