TGV: Duke Nukem Forever demo impressions and thoughts

The Duke Nukem Forever demo was released for Xbox 360s, PS3s and PCs on June 3rd, and could arguably be one of the most hotly anticipated demos of this year. Jens Erik Vaaler of The Gaming Vault takes a look at the demo and gives his thoughts

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Sidology2695d ago

Kinda bummed that Duke is so lackluster. Guess that's what 14 years does to a man.

limewax2695d ago

Well I have never played a Duke game, Do you think this demo could give me any insight into the Duke world, or a Duke like experience?

I'm not looking to moan about the game, just genuinely curious if this demo is worth trying as a first duke experience as I have heard so much bad mouthing.

DarkFantasy2695d ago

well not really but it is a ok demo there are worse games..really i hate demos kinda most demos represent games poorly and the duke nukem demo is a old version of the game just like all demos..really i say give it a shot i have no idea what console you play on but i played infamous 2 demo and i didn't care for it but im sure the full game will be alot better,people have been telling me it's a cool demo but the things is duke nukem forever dosen't suck but i think people go into it with too high of expectations duke nukem is a action adventure comady you really not suppose to take it all that serious like i think most have and idk i think it's going to be a good game maybe not a great the demo why not ? it;s just a demo you can always delete it after i think alot of the bad mouthing is a littler over exadurated..but duke nukem isn't the type of game that can be summed up in a demo if i played a demo of the older games i probably wouldnt have gotten them but hey i got them and i did enjoy it.i would probably give the demo a 6.5/10 being a mediocre demo but worth a try :)

Karuto2695d ago

I never really trust demos, especially in a Duke game. It's the overall experience that makes it all worthwhile.

DarkFantasy2695d ago

you are a 100% right it's the It's the overall experience that defines a duke nukem game.

waterboy2695d ago

you can do about anything in the game and the graphics are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than many people are saying

FragMnTagM2695d ago

Yep, I just finished the demo a few hours ago. While the graphics aren't perfect, they are better than some recent games I have seen.

The demo is really short and is such a small glimpse of the entire package.

I am definitely going to gamefly this game and give it a good run through before I pass judgment on it.

Duke deserves a shot.

MasterD9192695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

There are certainly worse games out there. The demo IMO isn't a very good representation of the game. Case and point- you download a MW demo or Halo demo and you know what you're getting. Dukes demo just leaves a bunch of questions in my mind...I needed more than a bunch of random scenes that we've already seen.

Still don't know if I'm going to keep my pre-order but I'm certainly going to give Duke a shot one way or another. It wasn't as abismal as some people think it is. But I simply can't recommend it at this point until I see more.

Legionaire20052695d ago

Why would they give us the old PAX demo from a year ago? A lot of people buy the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition for this demo. I think it is ridiculous to let people play the demo only on Borderlands, when its an old demo!!!! What The F**k!!! were they thinking? This game has been in development for a decade!!!! Longer than the 5 or 6 years development of Perfect Dark Zero. Heck!!! Longer than Final Fantasy 13!!! It would of been more profitable if they release an up to date demo to everyone that has been waiting for years to play. We deserve better.

FragMnTagM2695d ago

You can also get the demo by preordering the game. I got the demo today by slapping five dollars down on the pre-order.

Legionaire20052695d ago

Sh*ttt they never gave me a demo. Plus it too old from last year not a true representation of the final game.

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