Link Triumphs in Hero Showdown

Throughout the ages, there have been many epic brawls staged in all sorts of arenas… But never until Hero Showdown have they been this bitterly debated.

IGN Stars' battle royale, with Zelda's Link facing off against Final Fantasy's Cloud, resulted in the kind of action one expects from such a clash of the console titans. The winner, by a considerable margin, was (drum roll, please)… the defender of Hyrule - Link!

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Rooftrellen4874d ago

Should this really suprise anyone?

Link is much more well known and a classic hero of video games. Cloud was in a single Final Fantasy game, and not even the best one, at that.

It would have been better to set Could up against Locke (FF6, personally my facorite character), as both appeared in only one game.