Gaming Gauge Review: Dead or Alive Dimensions

Gaming Gauge writes:"Dead or Alive Dimensions is the first time the franchise has done a lot of things. It’s the first time a fighter has been released on a handheld, it’s the first time the series has been on a Nintendo platform and it also happens to be the first time I have ever playing one of the games. So from the perspective of a first time player just how does the game shape up?"

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PS360WII2790d ago

I enjoy this game as well. Lots to unlock and the online isn't too bad in terms of it's set up. At least it's loads better than what DoA4 was and it's lobby. In Dimensions all you have to do is wait then click yes or no if you want to fight :) I did lose one match to lag though -.- but other times I did just get plain old whooped lol

SpoonyRedMage2790d ago

I wouldn't have minded a simple lobby but it's definitely functional. I've had about 70 matches and only about 3 have had serious lag.