NextGN E3 2011 Preview - Microsoft

"Microsoft’s E3 lineup is looking the bleakest of “the Big Three”. Apart from Gears of War 3 and the new Forza Motorsport game Microsoft has very few (known) exclusives. But Microsoft is known to play hardball and will most likely have some surprises in store and many of the multi-platform AAA titles (CoD: MW3 will be there) demonstrated on their Xbox 360 stage."

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D2K2745d ago

After all that has happened and still is happening to Sony NO ONE has a more 'bleak' outlook for E3 than them. For damage control purposes alone Sony needs to have the conference of their lives. Especially if Nintendo drops the bomb like everyone expects them to.

Microsoft actually can afford to bury another bad E3. Last year E3 was a hot mess for Microsoft and yet from the sales for the Kinect and the sales of the 360 because of Kinect you couldn't tell. Microsoft is chipping away at the Wii's 30+ million console lead. Unless Nintendo has some killer apps to show off for the Wii on Tuesday it's not beyond the realm of possibility that the 360 could CATCH the Wii in overall console sales. It's that hot right now.