Fox Engine: Metal Gear Solid Might End up on Xbox360

According to a promotional video that was released by Konami, they are working on a cross-platform engine, named "Fox Engine," which will enable cross-platform capability for their future games. The demonstration showed a lush jungle environment with moving characters, and seemed to be towards an advanced stage of production.

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aviator1893519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

The engine certainly looks great and I can't wait to see it reach its potential.
Anyways, seeing the engine on multiple platforms is nice as more consumers will be able to experience the games it powers.

darthv723519d ago

technically, the ngp is a platform that would be capable of rendering this fox engine. Why would people assume that it would be the 360 and not the ngp and ps3 he is referring to?

I really hope it does come to the 360 but we need to think about context and the possible underline connotations that could be implied by statements like: Konami are working on a cross-platform engine, named "Fox Engine,"

360 and ps3 are not the only platforms. You now have the ngp, project cafe, 3ds....

Konami could mean any of those or they could mean only 2.

Dragun6193519d ago

The pre-E3 video from Konami pretty much stated, Kojima will be multiplatform from here on out, if you didn't notice, the MGS3 for 3DS, MGS/ZoE Collection for both 360&PS3, MGS:R for both 360&PS3, the PC mouse/360/PS3 controllers he stated will be the platforms for his next game.

I would be surprised if they don't announce a version for Nintendo's next Console after E3.

PhantomT14123519d ago


Dude, if the NGP can do it, no reason the XBox 360 can't. And he showed the three controllers: Xbox, Dualshock and a mouse.

gamingdroid3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

The only reason Konami would make anything exclusive to any platform at this point is a big payout from one of the big three.

To port only cost about 10% of the entire budget. Yet the sales can potentially double!

That is a lot of money to throw in from any company and the best you will likely see is some preference from the developer to include extra content on one version.

It's economics 101! Just about any third party exclusive has gone multi-platform. Exclusives are only likely to come from smaller studios or obviously first or second party.

jaosobno3519d ago

Let me burst some delusional bubbles here; 360 couldn't run MGS4 (according to Kojima, it could barely fit 50GB blu ray), what makes you think it could run MGS5?

The only way that it could, is to make severe cuts in quality department and knowing Kojima, do you think he'd be will be willing to do that?

Plus, how exactly did anyone, after reading this article, conclude that it will come to 360?

When article mentioned cross platform play, it probably referred to NGP-PS3 crossplay.

darthv723519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

technically...the 360 could run mgs4. The fact that the size of the data is your "bursting bubble" point is really moot. The sheer technical abilities of the hardware are capable.

Now to add to your other point is what I was eluding to as well. We know that the 360 is capable but is it one of the platforms that will be getting this cross platform engine?

I sure hope so but considering the long standing past between sony and kojima (not konami) is what leads me to think that it could be shunned. Yes MGS2 substance came out for xbox but it was not kojima team that did it (if i recall). Same as the twin snakes for the cube.

These are MGS games in property but not in the spirit that kojima and his team developed them for those platforms. Which leads to the whole play on words thing. NGP is a platform and capable of running this engine and could be one of the ones konami is eluding to. PS3 would likely be the other and (heres hoping) nintendo systems and of course...everyones favorite (that they dont want to admit they really do like)....360.

Call me cautiously optimistic but that is why I have all the systems when it comes to situations like this. You just dont know until it comes out. But at least you are covered when it does.

Oh and Phantom. No where did i say the 360 was not capable. We all know it is. Have an agree on me.

kingdoms3519d ago

The announcement was shown while hideo was showing the new engine on a 360 dev kit with ign confirming what the world seen with their own eyes.

darthv723519d ago

thank you for that. Perhaps they will make use of this more often unlike square has done with their multi-platform engine.

Yeah...that is a dig at square.

zeal0us3519d ago

we 360 folks only can dream of this happening.

gamingdroid3519d ago

It's not the game assets taking up all the space, it is all the damn video and sound. Surely some compression would work, but even then it would be like what 4-5 DVD's at worst case.

We have seen games released on 4 DVDs before....

AAACE53519d ago

This may sound bad on my part, but did anyone notice 2 360 controllers on his desk. And choosing between the Mouse, Dual shock 3 and 360, he chose the 360 controller with a smile on his face!

Kojima does certain things on purpose, so i'm trying to figure out why he did it and made sure we saw that. What is he saying?

captain-obvious3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

the game they showed is clearly not a MGS game
so idk

but then again
im more than happy that everyone gets to play MSG
its a blessing to gamers and all should try it

but at the same time everyone should respect it

NeutralGamer3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

People is totally forgetting why we are seeing MGS on 360....

A couple of months ago Konami made a MGS Survey on Facebook and one of the last questions was "What do you wish that MGS would include in the future?"

And one for the options was "MGS on Xbox 360"...

Also there was a "MGS 3 Remade" and "Peace Walker on PS3" option...

I guess alot of people answered those 3 and Konami thought: "Why not kill 3 birds with 1 stone? Lets do a MGS HD collection which brings Peace Walker to PS3 and the MGS series to 360!

Konami is truly a fan pleasing company and alot of game companies could learn from them...

Also to the people claiming "Xbots don't deserve the MGS series" all I gotta say is that I played MGS 1,2,3 on PS1 and PS2 also I played Portable Ops and the digital comic on PSP before I sold my PSP...

I bet there are alot of "xbots" out there who are former PS1/Ps2 owners who already know to MGS... Why do all sony fanboys asume that they have the rights to MGS and that its impossible for a Xbox owner to have known MGS...

Heck MGS 2 even came to Xbox -.-


I think that Kojima is trolling us all and will actually meet up at E3 this year...

DaTruth3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

As long as they can make it good, I really don't care if it's multiplatform! It's just that few devs have actually pulled that off and I don't want a MGS5 that is a step backwards from MGS4!

If anyone can do it!

thesummerofgeorge3518d ago

This shit again? MGS 5 will not be on the 360, it would be a step backwards to try and fit the next installment on 10 DVDs

Mr Patriot3518d ago

Spin spin baby, the announcement of MGS HD alone guarantees it will be on 360. I dont blame Kojima who the hell doesnt waant more money, the PS fans might not like it, but to developers nowadays money > fans ... harsh but true

DragonKnight3518d ago

Wow, look at all the people assuming that MGS5 is going to the 360 just because of the creation of a multiplatform engine. In case no one knows this, Kojima pretty much has free reign over MGS because his studio owns the IP. If he doesn't want an MGS game going to the 360, then you can bank that an MGS game won't go to the 360.

This is an engine. We have no evidence to support that it's an MGS engine, or that MGS5 is in development, or what platform it will be on.

Geez people.

pixelsword3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Let some games be on as many consoles as possible, but don't cut the game because of the shortcomings of another console;

I don't care if it's called "Many Discs Solid" as long as both consoles get the original vision.

Besides, it's not confirmed; so there's no need for speculation.

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metsgaming3519d ago

probably the engine pictures i saw where not that good. I noticed that immediatly and thought that since it wasnt good it might be a multiplatform engine. To bad they are compromising the quality of the game.

metsgaming3519d ago

lol at the disagrees, look at the pictures that they showed and tell me that that looks like ps3 exclusive quality. You cant because it isnt its dull and the greens are very washed out. Its definitly a Multiplat engine they took a step backwards. That engine can be done on the 360 and thats the truth.

AAACE53519d ago

I thought my comment would make me sound bad, but after reading yours, I feel better!

I won't bother to disagree with you... looks like enough have.

DaTruth3518d ago

I thought the game in the video looked pretty good! The jungle looked lush and full and the vegetation looked like it had substance and wasn't just 2D and weightless!

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laoboy_Smoke3518d ago

I don't have an issue with mg going multiplat cuz I'll get it for tha black beast anyway ... but my thoughts on multiple disk games is what happens if u lose one of em???swapping out disk is only an issue if ur lazy PERIOD but if u lose a disk or gets damaged that's a whole other problem...

EYEamNUMBER13519d ago

metal gear solid already has ended up on the 360 though?

THC CELL3519d ago

hd ones not 4 or 1 n maybe not 5

Kran3519d ago

Metal Gear Solid rising is going to 360 too.

Lyr1c3519d ago

It's not Metal Gear Solid: Rising, it's Metal Gear Rising.

Believe me, it makes a difference.

CaptainAmerica3519d ago

Nope, its Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

specialguest3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )


As you can see: It is: Metal Gear Solid: Rising

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Warprincess1163519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

They already releasing the metal gear collection on the 360 so they obviously gone to make the next mgs be on the 360. Im really disappointed because if they stuck with the mgs series being exclusive, they could of probably made the next mgs game graphics look like uncharted. Mgs4 sold 5 million copies so why would he make the next mgs game mutiplatform. Bad move kojima.

Fox013519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Unless Sony is willing to pay them, why should they keep it PS3 exclusive?

They are MGS fans that don't own a PS3; Kojima-Productions made a good call. More people get to enjoy their games and they get to make more $$$

Dazel3519d ago

Damb right, i own all the games across 4 platforms and getting that number down will be great.

Not sure how Peace Walker will translate to console though...

krazykombatant3519d ago

money, money, money, money, oh and money.. i'm sorry but this is a business world. You looking for bubbles from the sony fanboys warprincess???

Don't think i'll be picking this up at the moment since i'm bankrupt. But perhaps in the future.

jrbeerman113519d ago

Unfortunately there is a vocal minority of people who only like games because they are exclusive. On this site you would swear most people are fanboys.

The same people that were, "OMGZ MGS FING OWNZ" are now going to say that MGS5 sucks and would have been better if Kojima hadn't "abandoned" his fans.

I have both consoles and games look good for both. I am sick of people inferring that 360 games look like absolute crap because PS3's stats are better. Not to mention graphics are only a portion of what makes games good or bad.

TXIDarkAvenger3519d ago

STFU PS Fanboy.

You obviously know nothing. MGS was never an exclusive. MGS2 was on the original Xbox. And MGS is really multi-platform except for MGS4. BTW stop being a graphic whore.

SlyFoxC3519d ago

someone needs a bottle...and then a nap..

ape0073519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

crysis 2 is a multiplatfrom game and looking amazing, multiplat development won't affect gfx if the dev is willing to

AAACE53519d ago

Why sell 5 million when you can possibly sell 10 million?

Exclusivity is dying because games cost a lot to make! So the goal is to do everything possible to sell more units.

That is our curse for wanting these great games.

Kon3519d ago

MGS was never a PS franchise. It is on PC, GC and Xbox

Snakefist303518d ago

But the MGS Franchise got famous on the Playstation!

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3518d ago

The newer MGS games were on Playstation consoles.

Anyways, I don't really care. If Konami wants to make more money, then more power to them. Developers gotta live too.

NeutralGamer3518d ago

A lot of people seems to forget mgs started on MSX and NES

specialguest3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Konami with its Metal Gear series was never intended to be permanently exclusive to one platform. If you look at the history of the franchise, it bounced around from MSX, Nintendo, to the PlayStation, etc.

According to Wikipedia, the MSX was a home computer created by the then Vice President of Microsoft Japan, and was led by Microsoft.

There you have it folks, Metal Gear originally started on a Microsoft console.

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Agent_S3519d ago

Exactly didn't Kojima confirm it in the Konami pre E3 video?

Its already happening I don't know how it turned into a possibility.

KILLERAPP3519d ago

MGS 4, no but the next game he makes will come to the PS3, 360 and the Nintendo Cafe...

Istanbull3519d ago

Bye bye Snake and Big Boss, I salute you, when you were awesome on a Sony console, Kojima sold his soul...

ape0073519d ago

yep MGS on both systems is no where as cool as if it's on a console exclusive, no fanboy here, exclusives make every system taste special in its own way

yume-k3518d ago

Pfft, ya right...
but there is still David Jaffe you can still suck his ya know or sell your mom to him to play Twisted Metal ONLY ON PS3 lol

Lol NOW Kojima sold his soul you say? SOLD HIS SOUL AHAHAHAHA...what a pathetic loser

Lyr1c3519d ago

"The next game he makes" does not have to be a Metal Gear title....