Uncharted: Drake's Fortune IGN AU Interview

Uncharted has an effortless charisma about it - great characters and dialogue, smooth animations and responsive controls, organic, engrossing environments, and some of the best combat ever seen in the genre. Plus, it's one of the prettiest, if not the prettiest game on PlayStation 3 - or any other console for that matter - to date.

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Cartesian3D4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

everytime I see Uncharted screens..I think how can they say its on par with Gears or anythin else on consoles...

its f**kin better in any term..

smooth shadows,huge number of polygons in anykind of characters that u cant see any edge or glitch...

BEST lighting , HIGH res textures..and so on..

PS3 owners! listen to me .. u will have an amazing time , the wait is over ... HOW many good games u want just in few weeks?? ha .. R&C and now Uncharted..

for single player LOVERS like me , PS3 is YOURS !

( for others > one word : WARHAWK )

gamesblow4874d ago

My anticipation will soon be checked... I canot wait. It's been so damn long and this is the game I can sell my ps3 after it's done. Uncharted was the reason to get one. I hope it lives up to it. Of course, I'd never sell my ps3... but you know. I'm hyped about this game.

mighty_douche4874d ago

hopefully it plays as well as it looks.

best console visuals to date IMO and possibly the best visuals for some time to come. *cough* KZ2....

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