Microsoft Xbox LIVE Diamond subscription IPTV tipped for E3 2011 Writes: Details from Microsoft’s E3 keynote “may” have in fact leaked, according to some information SlashGear was able to get. We have talked before about the possibility of MS using their Xbox 360 console to become the first virtual cable operator in the country and if these rumors pan out it looks like that will be happening.

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fluffydelusions3519d ago

That would actually be pretty cool.

BigKev453519d ago

Who disagreed? A MS hater of course.

Chuk53519d ago

Whatever, they're blind if they don't see the potential.

MintBerryCrunch3519d ago

wouldnt that mean an increase in xbox live...unless it ends up being optional, and a separate service from live

SixShotCop3519d ago

Xbox Live Diamond Berrycrunch. Reading helps.

hazelamy3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

people who don't live in the us maybe?
they might disagree.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3519d ago

I'm no Xbox fan, and I think it's a cool idea.

Breadisgood3519d ago

In some ways I'm hoping this isn't true. It'll only be available in the US (I'm in the UK) and if it is true, it's all we'll be hearing about at E3.

Just like last year with Kinect, it'll be boring as hell.

darthv723519d ago

seems to be the way things are heading with cable/satellite providers. Squeezing content over existing broadband connections has potential.

I just got uverse and I thing that is how they are delivering the video feed to my house. With MS getting into this it could help promote the increase in faster speeds to more rural areas.

lugia 40003519d ago Show
Nadasico3519d ago

QuodEratDemonstrandm I agree, though what's with the line steal E3 again. I mean I think its cool... all the same but E3 is about games last time I checked. There has been one winner for E3 since this gen got started as far as games are concerned.

RedDead3519d ago

Meh though, it's a good idea for non gamers. I want games though, Gears 3 and The witcher 2 now for me. That's all though, maybe that new kingdoms game. Hoep they have more than some BS that gamers don't really care about. Xbox is a gaming console first and foremost.

SkyGamer3519d ago

Gotta remember that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen owns Charter. They could definitely get it working. Also the other free services don't give you every channel. That is where XBL would be different. Especially if they charge for it. Who would not want to pay 90 or even a 100 bucks a year for diamond if they never need to pay a 50 dollar monthly service again?

rob60213519d ago


You're going to be paying a lot more than $100 a year if you expect to get a full cable package. $100 is unrealistic unless MS only has a partial package. The $400 a year range would be a better estimate - of course they wouldn't charge by the year.

Biggest3519d ago

I would only be cool if it was extremely cheap. It would have to outdo at least Dish Network in both price and features to be worthwhile.

OneSneakyMofo3519d ago

And how does Microsoft extend its GAMING platform? By slapping on a television extension. As cool as this is, where are the killer features that would make me, a PS3 fanboy, jump over the Microsoft's console? Microsoft doesn't get it.

Boody-Bandit3519d ago

Listen while the concept is cool I don't see what this has to do with gaming. A lot of other technologies have most of these features already, like "smart tv's" that are now on store shelves.

Why would I want to turn on a "gaming" console to utilize such features when my PC, laptops, Droid and smart tv I just purchased have most of these same features?

Most people have the technology I listed above and at the end of the day the XBox 360 is suppose to be a gaming platform first and fore most. Where are the GAMES?

I don't want to be gimmicked and integrated to death. I use my 360 for gaming and gaming only. I sure hope MS has more to offer than things like this and Kinect games or I am going to lose it. After last E3 I didn't think it could get any worse but now I am starting to think other wise.

DigitalRaptor3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

I bought my PS3 primarily for its games, but the features such as Blu-ray playback, Internet browser, Home and other media features were other very sweet benefits.

Microsoft and their fans made it clear that those features weren't important and that Sony were focussing too much on multimedia and not games. A Blu-ray player first, and a gaming console second... right? That's what we were told.

Now it seems to be the complete opposite situation, where Sony is offering great games first and foremost in massive quantity. And Microsoft is distracted by the gimmicks of the market, and things unrelated to gaming. And that distraction is passing on to its consumers. They just aren't releasing games like they used to.

Things like this are just another reason why, as much as I like some of Microsoft's content, I won't buy their console this gen.

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pain777pas3519d ago

Agreed. That would be worth the money for live for sure. Wow that is actually pretty huge the more I think about it. Well played Microsoft. Gotta hand it to you IF true.


Worth which money? You do realize that XBL Diamond is supposed to be a premium service over XBL Gold and Silver, right? It doesn't look like they plan to replace XBLG membership pricing range...

As far as we know XBLG will still cost "60" bucks a year (although they do promotion every time, this is the official tag and I don't see them droping it considering the price was actually raised in late last year).

If you consider the cable/satelite prices on the market for basic TV packages, XBLD membership is likely to cost double that of XBLG or even more... I'm not saying it will cost too much, just saying wait for actual announcement on the price and content before declaring it "worth the money".

pain777pas3519d ago

You are right Bishop. But to each his own really. Even if you get internet for 29.99 a month unlimited. However you pay yearly for this I hope and it should be no more than $70 for gold membership + IPTV. When you break it down monthly you could see a reduction. It would come down to price and how robust the service is. If there is current shows and live sports you have to look into it as a rational consumer. There COULD be possible savings and the way I watch TV which is hardly ever a streaming TV service with shows available at anytime would fit my lifestyle. I see where you're going with this though and depending on the price you could be right.


Don't get me wrong. If they made such a service available in my region and by that kind of price with good content, I would buy a 360 tomorrow and cancel my cable, but I don't think it's possible.

Look at how much any kind of cable or satelite service costs you. Look at how much professional IPTV services cost... Not much better considering the content.

Even if we factor in the fact this is based on a yearly subscription (which should make it a bit cheaper) I don't see they having it for under 100 bucks a year anyway, and that's which mediocre to half-good content. Prime content sure as hell either would cost a lot more or would be still sold as VOD (which is itself IPTV to some extent and I think is much more likely).

All I'm saying is don't get your hopes up for rainbows and unicorns... Bill Gates is no magician, if this service is anything like a virtual cable provider as they taunt in the article, it either gonna cost some considerable money or will have just basic programming with everything else on VOD/PPV. Better play the wait and see game.

pain777pas3519d ago

Of course Bishop I won't get burned again with a 360 trust me. I have painful memories when I was immersed in everything Xbox. E3 should be interesting to say the least. Cheers!

kneon3519d ago

We haven't seen a price yet so how do you know it's worth it? But keep in mind that they have to pay to carry most TV channels, just like the satellite and cable companies do, so don't expect it to be just $20-30 more per year than XBLG, more likely $20-30 more per month.

Also this is not going to be viable for those with low bandwidth or monthly data caps.

It sounds good, just don't expect it to be cheap or a viable alternative for everyone.

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Misterhbk3519d ago

It's a cool idea gotta give props just not for me.

I don't even have dish or cable anymore. Me and my wife just stream all of our favorite shows or events or movies. HDMI ftw

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subtenko3519d ago

Excuse me, but how is it the first? The PS3 has these services (mostly the EU tho, since some services on ps3 arent on American accounts).

But other than that, this is interesting for the xbox360

milliniumstylz3519d ago

wow sony has there own cable tv provider overseas i did not know that.. what is it called.

skip2mylou3519d ago

milli i think it was called japan tv network

fr0sty3519d ago

I called this days ago when MS started announcing they were trying to rebrand xbox 360 as an entertainment platform instead of just a gaming console. Not a bad idea. I won't be buying a 360 for it (only a matter of time before PC and PS3 have something similar, and probably cheaper knowing how MS likes to price things), but for those who already own it, a damn good idea.

BlackTar1873519d ago

god i remember the crys from xbox people that they wanted a game console not a all in one. how the tables have turned

Megaton3519d ago

Pachter called this like a year ago on Bonus Round. I heard rumblings of it from other random internet people even further back than that.

SilentNegotiator3519d ago

I don't even know how to respond to this. It's pretty unprecedented.

There's, of course, always the worry that adding an entire division focused on virtual cable could possibly detract from other resources; especially ones that gamers treasure (hint: games). The focus on "entertainment" could certainly find itself to be a profitable one, but that doesn't necessarily mean good things for us.

We'll see. Right now it's just a rumor.

Vherostar3519d ago

Anything for more money eh MS?? Sony offer this free with PlayTV and have for years.. Come up with something new eh?? I want new stuff on my 360 dammit not recycled crap I dont even want for my ps3.

3519d ago
WAR_MACHINE773519d ago

"it just meets all your entertainment needs." yeah except for VIDEO GAMES! You know... the whole damn reason it exists in the first place. I've owned both PS3 and 360 for years now. When I got the 360 I loved it, but the last year or two I'm finding less and less of a reason to keep it. If they don't get off their asses and make some games it'll be on its way out the door. At this point I'm only holding out for gears 3 and hoping to god for something at E3.

showtimefolks3519d ago

but don't you remember because of inclusion of espn they had to bump up the price. maybe leave it as an option if you want it pay additional $15 a month and get it

I am a huge pro sony guy but you have to give MS credit they are trying new things with xblive

hopefully sony will also have some plans to improve psn

disagree all you want you can look in my comments history i am always a pro-sony gamers but i give credit where credit is due

Rhythmattic3519d ago

Here in OZ, unless you pay a few hundred bucks, your download quota is capped.. Albeit $60 for 150Gb (with metered uploads) which pretty much translates to $63 US

In my job I meet alot of oversea's people, and every American cant believe the cost of the internet plans here...


How many of you have fast, stable, quota free internet, and what price?
Because from what I've heard, your plans are ridiculously cheap, and that makes this a winner...

MariaHelFutura3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

To the people wondering why MS is progressing this way and not talking about games, the answer is simple.

They have 2-3 internal studios for making games for only their console. Sony and Nintendo have over 20 each.

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rebirthofcaos3519d ago

well, if thats is the best they can do, then seems that there will be not that many games for 360.

fluffydelusions3519d ago

Have you seen all the multiplats releasing this year? That alone will kill my wallet lol

Solid_Malone3519d ago

thats why im buying them for pc, appears to be cheaper that way i guess :)

omi25p3519d ago

Exactly. Everyone keeps saying they want microsoft to announce some exclusives for this year. Im already buying 1 or more games a month and the epic edtion of gears 3. Which means i cant afford for anymore good games to come out this year.

Vherostar3519d ago

Exactly not much reason to buy a 360 if you aint got one anymore though :(. PS3 seems to be the way it too has all those games plus a mountain of exclusives..

Istanbull3519d ago

Well duh, Microsoft has showed nothing good for 2 years now. They blew things like Facebook or ESPN integration way out of proportion, like it was such a big f*cking deal.

xtremexx3519d ago

i dont get it, i have an xbox 360 and all but i dont get it, why would you pay for tv on your xbox? are US cable rates really high?

NoobJobz3519d ago

If it's cheaper than cable why not? Who doesn't want to save some money?

fluffydelusions3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

It depends how it is priced and quantity of channels available. I don't have cable not because I cannot afford it but I just don't want it but I think it's like $50 here in NYC for the cheapest option.

FFXI1013519d ago

I agree, especially when I come home after work(about 9:30-10pm cst) I just want to play video game. Unless there are sports event I want to watch.

B1663r3519d ago

Because the xbox already works a lot better than the cable boxes that have onDemand services here in the states, and yes, us cable rates are extremely high. For example, I have opted for xbox live + netflix + huluPlus as my video service, because that is a better value proposition at about ~$50 a month than a comparable video package from my cable service which would be $100+

But never mind that, the xbox simple works better as a on demand video service than the crappy Motorola box that the cable company would give you.

iamnsuperman3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

That maybe true in the US but in the uk with freeview and other premium services like sky/virgin which are really good and are quite cheap (freeview is free). So it maybe popular in te US but in the uk the service already provided is very good infrastructure and is very cheap ( just look at how many low income households have digital). A lot of people in the UK also get internet with the TV as well and so have these services. So I agree it may be good in the US but countries like the UK will probably be not as good especially if it charges extra

THILLREBORN3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

That's BS XBL is $60 alone so stop selling wolf tickets the other two features put into the $80 to $90 range. Learn how to count son.

Clarence3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

I disagree. I have at&t uverse and its great. I have 4 hd boxes, all the hd channels as well as 3d espn ch, every box can record, and on demand for a 150.

Im not sure how this 360 cable would work. I have 4 tv's in my house so would that mean I would have to purchase 3 more 360's? Plus using this type of service means you have to run your 360 all day and night if you want play games or watch tv. Im not comfortable with that. The 360 is not the most reliable console.
Most of all if you have a wife like me who does not deal with gaming consoles your going to have a problem. Trust me happy wife happy life!

This would be good for college students or people who are in and out of the house.

Nice, but this definitly won't steal E3.

jbiz3303519d ago


youre a damned idiot.. xbl is 60 a YEAR

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xtremexx3519d ago

@iamnsuperman, your right, uk is so cheap compared to US, and we have freeview in the UK, i think it will be good in the US but probably not in the uk

callahan093519d ago

Cheaper than cable, maybe, but then there's bandwidth caps to contend with. Last month I was dangerously close to exceeding my 250 GB bandwidth limit. When I hit 249 with 3 days to go in the month, I turned off my cable modem until June 1 and exclusively used 3G internet on my phone to get my 'Net fix. I watch every one of my favorite team's baseball games in HD over my internet connection, from MLBTV (because I don't live in the television market for my favorite team). I think I watched like 2 movies from Netflix instant streaming. I stream all of my music from my Amazon Cloud Drive Player. I bought and downloaded a couple of new games from Steam. And then just usual web browsing. And THAT got me to 249 out of 250 available GB of bandwidth in less than the span of the month. If I were to introduce IPTV as my primary method of watching TV, I would definitely need to find a new ISP with a higher bandwidth cap, and that would wind up costing a lot more money.

kwicksandz3519d ago

i live in australia the land of shitty internet and i have a terrabyte cap. 250gb sucks

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Baka-akaB3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

"If they can sign off, and we would assume it will be a go, MS could easily steal E3 yet again with such a huge announcement."

Why exactly ? I get the potential especially financially for ms and those involved , and it's always good to get more services ... but i think the gaming side of the news would be far more interesting and "e3 steal" worthy than that

Chuk53519d ago

Yeah, I don't think that alone will steal e3. A handful of games, some Kinetic titles that are actually good and IPTV would make for a pretty good showing.

Breadisgood3519d ago

Yeah I think it should read "MS could easily have the most boring E3 conference yet again".

By the way, the only console I own is the 360 so I'm not just being a fanboy. I'm genuinely disappointed that this could be true and will be the only thing they talk about at the conference.

mrv3213519d ago

I like the concept, I HATE the name. Xbox Live diamond? Eh... Xbox Live Platinum sounds better.

Also, I think Sony might join with Google and release Google TV for PS3.

The Meerkat3519d ago

Xbox Live Diamond sound like its for OAPs

Wikkid6663519d ago

Diamond = TV, Phone, Online Game Play
Platinum = Phone and Game Play
Gold = Game Play