Killzone 3 to get From the Ashes Map Pack

STN Writes:

Killzone 3 is to game a new map pack which will add four new maps and trophies to the game.

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M-Easy2696d ago

4 maps (including the infamous Radec's Academy) and 13 new trophies that push the total in this game to 79! Lol and this game has only been out for a little over 3 months. This game is a trophy whore's (me) dream. Oh and thanks GG for the back to back double XP weekends. I <8 GG.

MintBerryCrunch2696d ago

well there goes map variety...radec will get spammed to hell once GG puts back in custom games

Istanbull2696d ago

awesome! one of the best MP games ever!

Sizzon2696d ago

hm, not too keen on radec academy... would prefer pyrrhus rise instead, but it's nice with tharsis depot :)

either way, i'm gonna buy it.

RevXM2696d ago

Solid DLC right there. Im buying it.

Cant wait to se what they look like now.

Radec academy, Pyrrhus rise and the one that is based of an area near visaris palace in Kz2 campaign. with all the ashes falling down... those would be my favourites and we are getting Radecs academy!

Oh yeah!

DA_SHREDDER2696d ago

If this game had 15 maps out the gate i probably wouldnt have sold it. But it only came out with 8, 2 retro maps , and 3 maps 3 months later. Sorry, but if a fps comes out with less than 15 maps , shit gets stale quick.

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