Samurai Warriors 3 Empires Screenshots

Andriasang: Tecmo Koei's character-packed PS3 update is due for August 25 release.

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Simon_Brezhnev2697d ago

i hope dis use the DW7 engine but i doubt it and i doubt its coming over here.

Upbeat2697d ago

lol, i think it might use the DW7 engine, but i havnt seen a samurai warriors empires over here in the UK as of yet. I always liked the DW games but now that they have DW7 samurai warriors and gundam is starting to take the piss abit and getting abit gready, i read years ago that DW4 Was the last in the Series :|

TheColbertinator2697d ago

Dynasty and Samurai Warriors just wont die even if it has no improvements.Reminds me of the Call of Duty effect.

Lord_Sloth2697d ago

Not sure I'd consider this the same thing since Dynasty Warriors tried to change then got reprimanded for it. CoD's just milking the same thing over and over again without even trying anything new. Just like every other FPS out there.

1 franchise doing this in the action game genre isn't as bad as the shooter genre since an action game and beat 'em up can vary greatly from 1 series to the next while shooters tend to be pretty samey.

zeal0us2697d ago

sadly most reviewers always complain that DW is the same thing over and over and end up giving it a low score but soon as a new cod comes they fail to point out its basically the same but with a different storyline and end giving it a high score.

denero12697d ago

dw7 was so beautiful -_- i just don't see what they can do from here on i hope they move on because truly it was a beautiful game and story

Andreas-Sword2696d ago

yes, Dynasty Warriors 7 is a very funny game.
I recommend Dynasty Warriors 7 to all Warriors fans!

jack_burt0n2697d ago

You guys make DW7 sound good.

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