Disgaea 3 (PS3) dated - Sangoku Fuushin (X360) canceled & more

Nippon Ichi Software's PlayStation 3 debut, Disgaea 3 will ship in late January, according to the newest Japanese release schedule. The updated schedule also revealed that Ys and Ys II will see DS releases early next year.

Meanwhile, Idea Factory has apparently cancelled the development of its strategy RPG Sangoku Fuushin for Xbox 360.

Disgaea 3, Nippon Ichi Software, PlayStation 3, January 31st
Tales of Destiny Director's Cut, Bandai Namco Games, PlayStation 2, January 31st
Ys DS, Interchannel Halon, DS, spring 2008
Ys II DS, Interchannel Halon, DS, spring 2008
Sangoku Fuushin, Idea Factory, Xbox 360, canceled

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Blasphemy4876d ago

Good news for PS3. The good games are starting to come in. It's only a matter of time now before PS3 takes 360.

ruibing4875d ago

I'm a big Disgaea fan for its hardcore gameplay and humour. I've got the two PS2 releases and the upcoming PSP rerelease. I can't wait for the third installment.

achira4876d ago

haha one game canceled for the 360. they will cancel them all, because 360 is dead in japan. have a lot of fun with the 1000. shooter, hahaa.

ericnellie4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

You guys are killing me;)

vaan4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

What about....

White Knight Story
Dark Cloud 3
Angel Rings (working title)
Dark RPG (working title)
Eternal Sonata (yes I know its on 360 already)
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy Vs XIII
Gallia Chronicles

And how about
Shadow Of The Collossus 2
Gran Tourismo 5
Little Big Planet
Sing Star
Wip3out HD
endless possibilities...
Oh and since when was MGS a shooter?

I can't wait for these and they are none of them shooters.
Good times being a fan of ALL game types when you own a Sony. Sorry XBOT.

ericnellie4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

I'm not an Xbot -- read any of my posts. I own them all and love them all. All of the "working titles" you named don't stand for sh1t. I'm talking right now or near future. You've mentioned games without release dates, official titles, or hell they don't even have a release year for a few of those buddy. "Show me the money" -- I'm tired of waiting for stuff. I'm talking the foreseeable future knuckle head. My post also started out with the words "AS OF NOW" -- it's the truth. As of now a lot of the games everyone (including me) is looking forward to on the PS3 is a shooter. Go to any discussion on this site and everyone will praise games like Haze, Unreal Tournament III, Metal Gear Solid 4, Call of Duty 4, Orange Box, Area 51, and Killzone 2. Now if you and your boyfriend wanna sit around singing George Michael songs playing sing star -- have at it;)

What would you call MGS 4? Go to any game sight and they'll put it in a shooter category. You shot stuff in the game retard and it's centered around combat involving stealth and GUNs AND SHOOTING. Don't tell me you'd consider MGS4 and action adventure RPG or something.

Now don't get mad at me because you're mom's an xbot and she's f-ing your neighbor because he has a Nintendo Wii!! Go to hell!!

lonestarmt4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

I have to agree with Vaan. Yeah all those games you mentioned are hyped and ps3 owners can't wait for them, but thats not all there is. There are soo much more than that coming, thats why this whole no games arguement is even more silly. Look not everyone is a shooter fan, I love shooter games, but i love J-rpgs more. If you dig a little bit you can see there are tons of games coming down the pipe that are not shooters. Since 360 people only care about shooters when they look at ps3 all they see are those and they go ah thats all, but there wrong thats not all, there is sooo much more variety on sony's console, its just they don't care for those type of games, and thats ok, but nothing wrong with loving those games too. MGS has shooting yeah, but anyone who plays it will tell you, most stages if you play really well you won't even shoot your gun. You can almost play the whole game besides boss battle never firing it, if your good, its a stealth game, there is much more too it. Rachet and clank has shooting, but there is more than that to it, there is tons of platforming in it, anyone who plays tell you that. Uncharted, its more of an adventure game, not just shooting, go to game trailers and there are entire videos of him just solving puzzles and making really cool jumps. You don't just start a stage shoot everything, watch a cutscene fight boss, next stage shoot everything and repeat. Thats the difference here. You can't judge a book by its cover. One day i might buy a 360, planning on it in the summer drought months, but thats why I"m a bigger fan of the ps3, there is more types of games, more variety in their games, better chances of niche titles, and sometimes more in their games for the most part.

YoMeViet4875d ago

wow you called him gay because he corrected you..real mature.
oh please please please don't get me back with another of your catchy comebacks like "guess're gay!!"

ericnellie4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

No -- I called him gay becaue he called me a dumb @ss; and who are you to call someone immature when you're willing to stoop so low as well. I admit, I may be a little immature and take cheap shots but a mature person like yourself shouldn't come DOWN so low as to name calling. you're belittling people for doing the same thing that you are willing to do;) Nice job!

Okay -- now we've all lost focus!! Let's get back on track, we're all gamers and obviously we are all passionate about gaming! It wasn't right for me to say what I said and he shouldn't have talked sh1t either;) It's all good! The point is, none of us can wait for this game to come out and FPS will make an appearance on all consoles as well as all other types of games, some more than others!

PS3MAN854875d ago

now i will finally agree with you on your last statement. we all like this game and want it to come out on PS3.

sonarus4875d ago

i see your point ericnellie. I dnt have anything against fps. i personally prefer 3rd person shooters because the gameplay includes a lot more than running and gunning. for me to really enjoy an fps it has to bring something new to the table besides jst guns cus to me all fps are essentially the same. ps3 will probably end up with more variety of games at least frm the trend thats already following.

THE_JUDGE4875d ago

is not and never will be a shooter!!! If you even imply that I question your sanity!

ruibing4874d ago

That was pretty much uncalled for and offensive...

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Charlie26884876d ago

WOW that Disgaea 3 is coming FAST...SWEET

I hope they went all berserk with HD special effects and all :P

Marona4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Thats not all, if you've seen the trailer at the end it tells you "Over 400 hours of gameplay" XD

<- will probably die from addiction like it's first.

Seraphim4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

So.... If NISA doesn't have it's hands to full or their heads up their ass then we'll see Disgaea 3 by next Fall in the US. Fantastic!!

Warms up Disgaea Hour of Darkness in the mean time and Disgaea 1/2 on my PS3. ;)

vaan4875d ago

Does that mean shipping in ENGLISH January?? Or just in Japan?

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