4 Companies Working on Project Sylpheed

At last, new details on Square Enix's next big Xbox 360 project. Although, calling Project Sylpheed a Square Enix project might be a mistake, as the game is actually getting input from four companies!

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specialguest5876d ago

wow...4 companies. this better be a hit or else what a shame.

Captain Tuttle5875d ago

Too many cooks spoil the broth

bung tickler5875d ago

im guessing it will be trash... microsoft just wants this so that they can sell the system in japan by saying hey look we got a square-enix game when really its not its just a crappy no-name company working on it and square slapping its name on. aside from that if i glanced at the article close enough i think it said it was a shooter? why the hell do we need another? we got halo and gears.

DJ5875d ago

Kinda like FF:Crystal Chronicles for Gamecube. Had the SquareEnix Logo, but it only meant it was published by SE, not developed. I guess they're too busy with their PS3 (and possibly Wii) titles at the moment. So far SquareEnix has been giving Microsoft the finger (and a few slaps) so I don't know how that relationship is gonna fare. Releasing FFXI on the 360 was nice and all, but the game was already 4 years old and wasn't a true FF title. Hell, they didn't even bother to update the graphics.

I know they're making another MMO for next-gen, but the platforms haven't been announced.

kewlkat0075875d ago

Don't come on 360 news...such hypocrisy. I haven't seen any constructive comments on here besides DJ/specialguest(surprisingly). ..but if it was Ps3 everything would be fine and dandy. Better yet conversing on how things could be better and such.
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