What's left for 3D Fighters? writes:
The new sequel to Tekken Tag is due for a relase soon. The original title was a game released in the gap between Tekken 3 and 4. I watched the trailer to see what features were being installed in the game. Of course it looks fun and flashy and younger Heihachi is was placed as the center piece of the video sneak peek. However it's those aethitic details that sum up the possibility of the games end result…fun and uninspiring. Tekken Tag was a great instalment but it was non-canon and just a fan driven money maker. After a decade a sequel is being made and along with other games like Street Fighter X Tekken, and Mortal Kombat vs DC it seems like fighting games are trying to stay alive desperately by creating crossovers to embroil fighting game consumers. Out of all the genres in gaming it seems many PS1 and Dreamcast titles that made the leap from 2D scapes to 3D arenas for fighters have stalled.

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RedPawn2696d ago

I tell you what Virtua Fighter is needed, and they need to now add a practicioner of Muay Tai & TaeKwonDo.

Gran Touring2695d ago

we really don't need virtua fighter anymore. The fighting system is way too technical for newcomers, and outside of Japan, that's really all that's left is people who aren't familiar with the game. And both series already have Muay Tai and Tae kwon do fighters, you must not have played VF4 or any tekken since 2 to not know that

RedPawn2695d ago

Your right I forgot about Brad, I know Sarah has a bit a TaeKwonDo, but I mean full on only. I know Tekken has the main martial arts, so that was a know brainer. If they can release Arcana Heart 3 outside of Japan, then there's most definitely a space for VF, technical or not.

Gran Touring2694d ago

There was a strong following of people who wanted an updated VF since VF5 was released way back in '07. However, Sega/Am2 turned their back on the console players, and their refusal to add online for the PS3 version and in general, version updates for PS3 and 360 versions, left a sour taste in everyone's mouths. (Both console versions were essentially outdated in Japan by the time they were released)

With TTT2, SCV, and even another DOA in the works, I don't see Virtua Fighter coming back anytime soon. Sega should have released Final Showdown for consoles sometime in 2010.

RedPawn2694d ago

I agree good sir, and it's a sad shame, especially how a lot of attention SEGA has earned after Kamiya joined.

Thax 4 the conversation.

Gran Touring2693d ago

well its good to at least see someone still give a damn about the VF series. It's really a shame that the arcade scene has all but disappeared outside Asia. I've been seriously put off fighting games since then; IMO, fighting games WILL NEVER work online.

Regarding Sega, they might be back on the right track; they did just announce Phantasy Star Online 2, all they need is VF back on consoles and Sonic Adventure 3.

cguevara122688d ago

I think that they should tune down the 3D fighting games. In all honesty, I felt that 3D is being overrated. Granted, I do like Tekken 6, Virtua Fighter 5 and even Nortal Kombat 9, but I really want to see something different and original rather than the same thing.
"sigh" I'm sticking with The King Of Fighters 12 and Blaze Blue.