Breaking it Down: Konami’s Pre-E3 Show

Hopefully starting a new trend, Konami did something interesting today and took an hour to show off some of its good before going to E3. This is brilliant on their part, because they have no one else to take the spotlight away from them right now. They were the only one’s dropping bombs today. It was also a nice bit of fan service. As Konami’s president of US ops says, the general public is not allowed to E3 so this is a way to get right to consumers and fans without any obstacles. He also mentioned his thanks for people’s support in the wake of the Japanese earthquake that caused so much destruction and death. The intro was a nice set-up for what was to come.

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M-Easy2693d ago

I don't understand why neither the MGS or Silent Hill HD collections don't have the 1st games included. It make no sense :/

MintBerryCrunch2693d ago

arent both available on the PSN store?

probably has to deal with publishing rights...i just cant imagine those games on any other platform

Bigpappy2693d ago

Both those series have been on 360. E3 will clear stuff up.

MintBerryCrunch2693d ago

im talking about the originals...MGS has not been on the 360, but it will be in 2012...silent hill has been on the 360...

BobbbyLight2693d ago

I think it's because those are all PSX games. A PSX game has yet to be included in any HD collection. I assume it would be a lot more work to make PSX game the same standard as a PS2 HD Remake.