The Year of the Western RPG

GameXplain Says: "2011 is quickly building itself to be the “Year of the Western RPG.” Six months in and there is already a fair share of releases (some good, some forgettable) for sword swinging fans to sink their blades into. Not only are these titles hitting the store shelves in record numbers, but many are among the most anticipated games of the year , and command huge marketing campaigns. Dragon Age 2, The Witcher 2, Torchlight 2, Dungeon Siege 3 (had to break the streak), The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and lets not forget the born of Japanese blood, but very much western, Dark Soul’s, will be giving many gamers some long nights. It was not that long ago when Final Fantasy VII brought forth the onslaught of Japanese RPG’s to the west. That time seems long lost now as the west shines brightest for those looking to partake in an epic adventure."

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RedDead2792d ago

Agreed, there are a few possibly good JRpgs this year aswell though, hoping Next year Versus truely blows the balls off the japanese industry. If it doesn't then...ah well. This year is the best year this gen...imo

Eternalb2792d ago

There are a few and I am excited for them, but compared to the number of Western RPGs, they are starting to look like they are heading the way of the Dodo. I love Japanese game design, but sales just haven't been backing it up.

SuperLupe2792d ago

Looks like AAA (by that I mean big budget/hype etc) jrpg's are definately dieing. Otherwise you have to get a PSP/DS because thats where they seem to have migrated.

thrasherv32792d ago

The *century* of the Western RPG.

femshep2792d ago

more like the death of RPG's.....aside from Elder scrolls they all managed to get streamlined and bent to let call of duty players play the game even though they never do cause they don't understand complicated things

Mass Effect was awesome.....2 streamlined
Dragon Age.....2 streamlined
Fallout.....brown and fps (i liked fallout 3 but it lacked a lot to make it great)
Elder Scrolls hasn't lost its charm

but then again in a generation revolving around terrible games and casual people what can you expect but to see our great games be murdered.....and if it comes from japan people automatically thing FF and if it dosn't involve "clooooouuuuuud" its bad.....people don't look at the story, char development, or plot anymore

Eternalb2792d ago

It will be sad day when RPG's have been so homogenized that they can't be even called RPG's anymore. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the return of the JRPG, but I'm not complaining quite yet on what the west is producing.

Tony P2792d ago

@fem: Wow. I don't often meet people who can rival my sense of pessimism, and that deserves a bubble in my book.

2792d ago
evrfighter12792d ago

no witcher and witcher 2?

both this gen and only getting better. sucks to be you

Eternalb2792d ago

The Witcher was great. Haven't had a chance to play part 2 yet. Though the reason they are probably so good stems from the notion that the part of Europe they are developed in culturally is behind the United States by 10 years (A time when Ultima and Baldur's Gate reigned supreme here). Just a thought for discussion...

femshep2792d ago

it honestly slipped my mind i do love the whitcher....but i consider it more European being the Actual creator of the witcher is polish and writes damn good books

Jacks_Medulla2792d ago


What do you think WESTERN RPG means?

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Jikla2792d ago

I don't think jrpgs are going to die ever. There are still great jrpgs coming out, and many of them are hidden gems. I can't wait for:

*Ni No Kuni (level 5 and studio ghibli)
*the new tales game.
*Valkyrie chronicles 3 (please localize this D:)
*Xenoblade (pleas localize this as well)
*the last story (I also want this localized!)

Eternalb2792d ago

I agree... but look at all those pleases. Those games just aren't selling anymore. Kids just want to shoot things, they don't want compelling narative.

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