Pre-E3 2011: Microsoft E3 Expectations

At last year's E3, Microsoft put on quite the show. I don't mean that they put on an entertaining show that really inspired me to root for Microsoft in 2010, but rather I was left scratching my head at how ridiculous Kinect looked with the horribly cheesy Kinect Adventures shown. Not only that, but besides the new Kinect titles, there pretty much wasn't a single new IP announced at the show. Are we in for sequels galore again this year? Here's a few highlights that I expect are going to pop-up during Microsoft's press conference at this year's E3 that will hopefully let me take Microsoft a little more seriously this time around.

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manumit2695d ago

wow that list was horrible. didn't even mention forza 4? well i hope MS do a better job than this dudes list.

mrv3212695d ago

So the primary thing that makes this guys list a fail is the fact he doesn't mention a game that's already been announced and anything shown live would serve little purpose.

You do a live thing for a couple reasons

1. To show off
2. To prove
3. To fill time

1. Resistance 2/Gears 2 where showing off
2. Nintendo PROVED 3D worked by showing it
3. Forza 4 will be a time waster

If they show that list and Forza 4 I'd be dissapointed.

Rikan2695d ago

People can bash their show last year all they want. I'm sitting here looking back on the year/tremendous success the Xbox 360/Kinect has had and guess what? They did pretty good I'd say lol

Stryfeno22695d ago

The 360 was suppose to die 4 years ago upon the PS3 release. I guess someone lost the memo. Lol.

Haters always going to hate.

Rikan2695d ago

Yeah I guess Sony never got that memo lol, seeing as how they are 3rd place =P

RedDead2695d ago

I never got kinect, probably still won't, same as the Wii to me, a big gimmick. Best games of the Wii don't even use Motion control. Although RE4 benefited. I wonder if MS have anything up there sleeves, the recently go the witcher 2 so they'll probably parade around for a while on that topic..

GfxPipeline2695d ago

The 360 is last place in worldwide sales.

Microsoft's Eye Toy copy Kinect is the laughingstock of the console world.

The 360's 2011 is almost entirely bare of anything other than downgraded PC ports.

Yeah, pretty good, lol

Kon2695d ago

You have to be THAT guy, huh? The thread wqas nice without any troll. Pathetic.

Menech2695d ago

Yeah GfxPipline, who was it that announced a 3 billion loss due to a console the other week?

Give you a clue it wasn't Microsoft.

2695d ago
Redgehammer2695d ago

You are incorrect, the PS3 is 3 million behind the 360.

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palaeomerus2695d ago

Lol. That was like the last runny squirt of troll mustard from the squeeze bottle.