Blue Dragon Still On Track for 2006!

A lack of media and info has caused some to speculate that Blue Dragon, Microsoft's big Xbox 360 Japanese RPG, would be hit with a delay past its target Japanese release of 2006. That won't be the case, according to Microsoft's big man in Japan, Takashi Sensui. Speaking with Famitsu Xbox 360, Sensui said, "Blue Dragon will without question be released this year."

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Marriot VP5875d ago



lol kidding

kewlkat0075875d ago

When does this game come to the states?
I wanna pickup enchanted arms too when that comes out. anybody knows when?

frostbite065875d ago (Edited 5875d ago )

Are you serious? Enchanted arms should be out by now. Go to your local gamestop/eb. :)

willud4skins5875d ago

japanese people are silly

Islandkiwi5875d ago

Love that poster with the kid doing a karate chop and the dragon coming out of his shadow, doing the same move.

High hopes for this game.

Tetelestia5875d ago

Show some new screenshots at the very least.