Top 5 Professional Gamers of All-Time

Overall, this list should provide you with some astonishing facts about some very remarkable pro gamers and serve as a launching pad to jump further in to the subject of competitive e-sports.

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CrimsonEngage2696d ago

Why is Fatal1ty not on this list? Garbage.

ATiElite2696d ago

I agree Fatal1ty should be added to this list. He is the pioneer and has been the world wide number 1 Champion in 5 different games.

Daigo – The Beast is Unleashed.

WOW this is like the buffalo bills coming back and beating the Houston oilers after being down 35-3. I still can't believe the skill Daigo has. All chun-li had to do was spit on Ken and he would have been done.

OneSneakyMofo2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

They forgot

6. OneSneakyMofo


synide2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Fatality is not on the list, because despite his immense popularity, his stats do not stack up to the other quake players in the article.

Competitively, Fatality made his name in Quake, however, does not have nearly as many top placings as Cooller. Also ask any Quaker, as good as he was, he probably wouldn't make a top 5 list devoted only to quake.

Fatality shined brightest at a game you probably never even heard of, Painkiller. Watching him battle Voo in the Painkiller CPL World Tour was one of the most awesome moments of competitive gaming to-date.

Just because he is the most popular, doesn't mean he would be named top 5. The article is based on statistics mostly, and the players named have all mostly shown a very strong record over a long period of time. Fatality stopped placing highly when eSports exploded and the talent fields widened considerably.

The world of competitive gaming is much deeper than most people think, and this article is designed to show some of the most respected and accomplished names across 5 different games.

If anyone would like to stack up Fat's stats vs the fellows in this article, feel free, but if you decide to do a little research of your own, I am confident you will find his celebrity to be larger than his achievements.

No knock to him, he would pwn 99% of any gamer. I've watched him go without a single death at E3 exhibitions.

He is by far the most well-known competitive gamer, and I understand why people would expect to see him in here. Hopefully the article shined a light on how wide eSports is, and how accomplished certain players are, despite not being household names. I encourage anyone to look deeper into the names mentioned, and you will likely find many more.

ATiElite2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Ummm i disagree.

Fatal1ty was the worlds number one gamer in 5 count them 1,2,3,4,5 different games. in 2000 he won 5 Quake tournaments.

so whoever you wanna list (Cooller who ONLY plays Quake) may be the best Quake player but Fatal1ty was number 1 in 2000 and number 1 in 4 other games during his career.

Quake III Arena
Alien vs. Predator
Doom 3
Quake 4

here is Cooler vs. Fatal1ty

synide2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )


A couple points to be made (sorry can't reply to your post, i guess threading doesn't go that deep)

1. AVP and Doom 3 don't really count. The only real competitions for those games were exhibitional and I believe there really was only one competition for each of them. Ask any pro gamer, they just don't really count. The publishers of those games put up the money for those tournaments, and nobody really respected them as actual competitive titles.

2. To be the best at any game, you really do have to focus on just that game, or that series if there are multiple games in the series. Look at most of the people on the list, they are very focused players. That is why the article is broken out into games, because the best players stay within their game.

In terms of quake, quake 3/quake live are the judging points. Compare coollers wins to fatalities. He's been playing nearly as long, and is still at the top today, and has more than 5x the accomplishments. This is mostly because Fatality dropped out when he stopped winning, and if you ask him yourself, there are several other players that trump him in terms of skill and accomplishments, even he will admit that.

Fatality is more of an ambassador to eSports. He got really popular, and turned that into a platform to create a brand, and focused less on actually competing. He has a very inspiring story and deserves the recognition he gets, but when you want to name the actual greatest players, you have take a look at stats, and where eSports have come to, not who is the most popular.

As for the video you posted, you can find plenty more videos of cooller defeating fatality quite handily. The one I just watched had him winning 11 to -1. You will have a very difficult time proving that in terms of quake, fatality was better than cooller.

When it comes to Painkiller, Fatatlity was probably #1 or #2. He lost plenty to Voo in Painkiller, and most pro quakers didn't even try Painkiller, it just wasn't nearly as good a game as Quake.

In terms of #1 placings across their lifetime, Fatality has 11. Cooller has 42. And he is still playing today. The numbers are even more staggering if you compare 2nd and 3rd place medals.

Ninja-Sama2696d ago

Fatal1ty should have been on that list instead of the Halo player.

CraigUK2696d ago

Daigo is my favourite Pro Gamer, apparently he is trying his hand and MvC3, I would love to see how he does in tournament play for that.

CraigUK2696d ago

Disagree with my opinion? LOL

MARKUS_MAX1MUS2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Get used to it mate, people round here will argue your opinion all day despite the fact its utterly pointless and wont change anything.

captain-obvious2696d ago

the list needs to be bigger
and have more PC gamers in since PC is like the battle front of pro gaming

synide2696d ago

I agree, it's hard to narrow it this small.

3/5 games were PC.

CNXN2696d ago

LoL Halo at 1 ... pssh was that a joke or something... not saying theyre bad, but halo really...

synide2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

It was a little misleading with the page-numbering.

It is not meant to be a #5-#1 article. Trying to order these games/players would be nearly impossible.

It's just meant to be the 5 best, sorted by game. Truly creating a list that is actually numbered would probably be the debate of the decade amongst pro gaming fans.

IF we were to # it, it would probably be in the reverse order.

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